WORLDS UNSEEN(Season I, Fabacin)



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  • To explore, Taeverite mystics learn to free themselves from the strictures most beings impose upon themselves. If unhappy with where they are, thy let nature surround them and fall asleep thinking of being somewhere else. They step deeper into a dream than the uninitiated can . So deep that their slumbering body may disappear. They may then appear, awake at some distant place. Surrounded by the type of natural landscape they aspired to walk in.

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    This time it's time to go for...
    @Tonysparks ' ALUM'S WITCH HUNTERS
    Opposing magic may be advantageous at collecting followers, or at forging an army, but exploring a world full of magic without using it, is much more problematic. The Witch Hunters haven't endured an exploration race against other, more magic-using factions. So... Pack up the instruments of torture, release the witches, and HEAD HOME!

    With sorrow, they were removed from the plane by forces to strange for humans to understand.

    Next challenge coming soon!
  • @RegalGorgon13 thanks for having me haha. I had a feeling I wouldn't last after you mentioned the environment. 

    The rest of you, have fun.
  • I just had a bombshell idea, I will write a concluding paragraph about Alum's disappointment that the expedition didn't succeed before I leave. I might even stay and spectator for fun. But I'll do that later.
  • Thanks to @Tonysparks.  I think the Alum faction would be great start for a set exploring another continent on Innistrad.
  • @SpellPiper2213 @mmm3creator @Derain2 @TheDukeOfPork
    Challenge 2:

    Colonization is an important part of any expansion program, but the local wouldn’t easily hand on they territories, plus the enormous insects make hives in good places for a colony.

  • @Regalgorgon - unfortunately the inspirational art does not display.

    As Mark Whatney was informed by his Alma Mater, once you've grown crops in a new place, you've colonized it. Technically, the TaeVir is already everywhere. Their colonization efforts involve organizing things so they are a little more connected like
    so (Entry):

    It is also important to foment symbiotic relationships.  Some of these are natural an ubiquitus:

    Others are much more unusual, but all sorts of groups of plants, animals, fungi, insects, and people have found the shared dream of the TaeVir without ever knowing it's name.

    P.S. - Sorry guys some account SNAFU has struck again so I can't archive on Cardsmith right now.  For these and more see my Fabulous Fabacin page on Deviantart:

    mmm3says User Profile | DeviantArt

    Finally have a couple basic lands in new colors and cracked the problem of something for Red and White - Termite and Ant colonies respectively.  Also added mothmen for Black.  With hives, giant warriors and humanoids leaders.  Maybe swarms, hive-minds, etc.?   Still more for them on the back burner.

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    Alum Faction (Post Eliminations)

    "CITIZENS OF ZONDRIA.... I Alum, the mayor of zondria, have come to you with some grim news. Our settlement in the promised lands of fabacin has been destroyed by a mysterious force."

    ("Dream" mechanic credits to @mmm3creator )

    "Whatever this force was, it was powerful enough to even surpass our own, magical defenses."

    (Art by Wattpad)

    "No survivors were found."

    "We know not of its name, but it appears that its origin may have been from the ruins, of an old civilization. During this brave excursion, I fear that our party had awakened the entity."

    "Rest assured though, that as your mayor I will do everything to protect the citizens of Zondria from the foul magic users that rome Innistrad."

    "I will cleanse this Innistrad of every wicked magic user"

    "Every traitorous magic wielding rebel"

    "and every tyrant who thinks they can use magic to oppress and destroy"

    "but for old enemy returns."

    "We must gear zondria, and ready our arms, a great war approaches, and we run short on options"

    "But don't despair, as your mayor, I will go through every length, to protect and guard you, or die trying."

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    Great work @Tonysparks.  I had an idea that lets the flavor of the Alum faction fit with Fabacin as it seems to be now.

    I think the whole Alum faction would be great placed in Ancient Fabain maybe after the fall of the Thran or during The Dark.  We sort of have a "Thran civilization burned down" thing, as well as a "plants took over."  and "Dreams/nightmares invaded" things.  

    An apocalyptic conflict between witch hunters and witches would be a good story arc for the cause of all that change.  In the end, everything burns, witch magic of different sorts spirals out of control.  Alum's darker forces push mystical foes into the a nightmare realm.

    World on fire burns down to ash which makes great fertilizer.  It gives the plane a story arc a la Alara, Lorwyn/Eventide, Mirrodin/New Phyrexia too, instead of an "It's always been like this."  In this case, a maybe worldsoul shifting from black to green for a change, gettign back to nature with a vengeance.
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    @mmm3creator, I am flattered. I did wanna make the ruins Thran, but I didn't wanna screw up lore for the surviving members. I did however try to fit Alum as much as possible together with the existing lore, both from fabacin and other players. 

    I fully support the idea of Alum's group existing in the ancient dark fabacin era, it would be awesome. In fact, if you wish to tie lore into my characters you may do so, so long as you stay true to the style and magic hate. For reference you can read the lore I have established here or check out the "witch hunters" set in my page.

    Other than that I will mostly spectate and watch how the story unfolds. Who knows, maybe after this ends we can establish a full timeline just for fun before closing this forum, with @RegalGorgon13 's permission ofcourse.
  • @Tonysparks making a full timeline sounds like fun.
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    I've opened a second Gallery for the disastersous past.  Fabacin: Fire times.

    I'll archive cards from the era there.
  • I've looked through and found what I think is an appropriately Witchy Symbol for Fabacin - Fire Times

    C -
    U -
    R -
    M -

  • @mmm3creator just followed, love the work so far.
  • A little timeline check - making the Dark and Alum's faction concurrent places them on the prehistorical era of Innistrad.   Before Edgar and the Plague. 

    This pre-mending and so interplanar gates for people on Innistrad to try to establish a colony on another plane is possible.  A convenient mechanism is the Thran artifacts hanging around which Urza will visit in later centuries.   

    I think the failure of the colony and unleashed destruction could be causative to the issues which Davos's faction is trying to resolve.  Gate failure due to some catastrophe back then would neatly cut of Innistrad and Fabacin henceforth. 

    Some of the people or monsters from Davos' time could be trapped as dreams or nightmares in the current day.  They would certainly seem very different and alien to the multicultural semi-primitive giant foliage & insect Fabacin we seem to be developing in the present day.
  • @mmm3creator I give you some creative freedom over my faction to utilize in the lore but, I think you should check in with @Derain2 before meddling with his lore. Other than that, I like the timeline.
  • just a reminder that your next challenge was colonization guys ( @Derain2, @TheDukeOfPork, @SpellPiper2213) ;

    I'm curious about what cards you guys will make 
  • Orin Eyes of the City

    Orin is one of Draam's scouts, and one of the people city officials have elected to keep an eye on Macha. While he believes that the marauder-turned-guide is truly an ally of Draam, he also knows that the city officials don't think she's turned a new leaf. At present, Orin is caught between the two positions, and he knows his ideals will be tested sometime in the near future.

    Draami Fort Scouts Sight

    The city-state's scout force is establishing itself out in Fabacin's wild. While it's still new, the force has been learning from Macha's experiences.

    Curious Snapwing Grayweb Hunter

    While Fabacin's wildlife isn't always antagonistic, neither is it especially friendly. Snapwings, although small and sometimes captured as pets for the Draami elite, adore glittery objects and will often try and get them. Grayweb spiders, on the other hand, are massive, reclusive spiders that web anything that comes near to their nests.

    Priest of the Ancients

    Recently, Draami scouting parties have begun encountering old ruins and the people who have moved in. At present, Draam is unsure whether to diplomatically approach the ruin-dwellers or not, and the problem isn't high on the city-state's list of concerns.
  • After the Dreamers of Thrann excavate a ruin, they often restore the structure, seeking to harness it's ancient power. These ruins also serve as a stronghold from which the dreamers can push further into the forest.

  • @TheDukeOfPork We are currently waiting only for your entry, so let’s say you have two days more to do it. 
  • Longest two days I have ever seen (o_O)
  • Ha-ha sorry! I had to stop for my months when my entries were ready! I'll have it written soon. (If this is still a thing)
  • The Epiphany Empire often uses illusions to drag the inhabitants out of the 
    city or town or village.
    Fake Paradise
    Or sometimes they just outright tell them to leave. Most people's minds aren't strong enough to survive the throbbing in their head after Fractis smiles at them. Often the power of the Epiphany mages minds destroys small villages.
    When You Look Her in the Eye

    Their main enemies are the Mnarg Colony. A group of gnomes that will eat most of the things in their path. Their key is strength in numbers. All of their minds together make a superhivemind, which proves a problem for epiphany mages.

    Mnarg Cottage

  • Sorry for being so long.  :sweat_smile:
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    @TheDukeOfPork, When You Look Her In The Eye is a much better Ruination. It's only 1 cmc compared to 4, and it's at instant speed.

    Mnarg Cottage should also probably enter the battlefield tapped, or else it's going to be incredibly powerful.
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