Request to manage an economy with my cards.

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Hello, could you budget my card creations based on a karma system I devised? I'm doing a civil war against the gaming industry, and would appreciate someone to do the budgeting better than me. Here's the rates and what I have:

100*imerian_rank^2 per like each RL day.
1500*imerian_rank^2 per friend/subscription each RL day.

I have: 
6742760 Karma presently.

I Generate:

20340000 Karma Per Day currently.

Default Cards:


  • I’m sorry… Civil war on the gaming industry? As in, the entire industry?
    Also, last time I checked, that’s not how civil war works?
  • I really want to help a rellow spreadsheet nerd out here, and this resource management sounds intriguing… But what exactly are these resources? What are we supposed to do, exactly?

    What’s an Imerian, and why is their currency you are stocking up on in order to take on a section of the economy? Why not anything else, like Euro, or US Dollars, or War Bonds, or even Dogecoin? Am I missing something???
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    I invented that currency due to merit and potential. It was the only way I could compete with business and secure a way to handle every kind of roleplay, even adapting to their stats.

    An Imerian is someone that has unified with the realm of pure and true creativity and imagination. I have these temples and gates to represent their transition between realities(games).
  • @Reizon, I suggest creating Neil Anderson as a Legendary Creature instead of a planeswalker.
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    Thanks. It was altered...
    Edit: YIKES! I'm gaining over 20 million karma per day!
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