[RESULTS] CUSTOM-START 2: A random design challenge



  • @ningyounk
    I'd love to participate!
  • @feralitator

    Sorry for the wait, I received your reply at 3:30 a.m. where I am xD Anyways, I see we have another participant who likes a hard challenge ;p Let's see what that design pack is about:


    Favorite is a modal spells challenge! To clarify, a modal spell is a spell with multiple choices defined with bullet points, like the Charms, or Commands cycle. There is currently no card that *cares* about this kind of spell so you're going to have to create something from scratch for at least one card! And for the flavour:


    It's a comedy pack in Jund colours! People laughing, goofy artworks and puns, anything is fair game with this pack that is open to multiple interpretations. That's definitely an interesting combination, maybe there's a way to use the modal spell to actually make a joke with the last mode being the punchline? I'm really curious to see how you'll mix the two. In any case, don't forget to design four cards, one per rarity, no white or blue allowed, and good luck to you! =)



    Sorry for the wait, as I was saying, it was the middle of the night in France where I live >.< Without further ado, here is a batch of packs that is just for you! Please select one design pack and one flavour pack:



    Also sorry for the wait! Same as above, the following batch of packs is for you only =D


    And for the next participant, you can choose a design pack and a flavour pack from among those:

  • I'd like the uncommon Rocks and the #17 (Azorius Knight-Arbiter) @ningyounk, thanks!  I'd go for the rare there, but I just have to take the beautiful knight for my own.

  • @DrakeGladis

    Haha, I hope the front face of that flavour pack will suit your expectations ^^ But first, let's take a look at the design pack:


    A land-matters pack! This can be a tricky one to make work depending on the flavour pack, so let's see what hides behind that Azorius Knight-Arbiter pack:


    A law and order pack in Jeskai colours! Armies, tribunals, judges, police, prisons, etc. You must design one card for each of the four rarity that care about or are lands and are flavoured around law and order. No black or green allowed. That's some spicy combination, I wish you luck with your entry :D 


    For the next participant, there is still an unclaimed batch of packs right above ;)
  • Hum.... kinda expected manarocks.  Should have known it wasn't so simple...
    Jeskai lands... and not a balance effect.  Just not gonna do that.
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    Do you want to switch design pack maybe? ^^ Note that you totally can steer your entry in a balance direction if you want, since land balancing is a thing you can do :) Balance itself would 100% fit the restrictions and even check challenge #2, for instance.

  • Do I want to switch?  No... I'm having fun.  Balance is a mean card... I've got other ideas.
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    @ningyounk Alright, finished! A bit of a lore writeup is coming soon.

  • You know what? I think I might go looking for trouble again.

    @ningyounk, Can I take Fancy, and #32?
  • @HeroKP

    Congratulations on completing all challenges in your first entry! Great work =D

    As requested, here are new packs for your second run — I see you're looking for a rodeo this time xD


    A higher rarity pack! You must still design four cards BUT ignore the rules about making one per rarity, instead all your cards must be either rare or mythic rare. Make sure the effects and stats are fit to their rarity, it's not just about the colour of that set symbol ;) And to go with that, your flavour pack — which features own of my own favourite MTG illustration btw — is...


    A sadness pack T__T This one is more abstract and open to interpretation. However, I'm noting that it's Esper colours again, like your first entry, so I'm willing to let you replace it with one of the two other packs instead, if you prefer shaking things up a bit. You already know the rest, good luck to you =D


    The next participant can claim packs from this fresh batch:

  • Back with my cards for U06 and #46!

    With combining activated abilities and the Prison/Cage theme, using the Escape mechanic was clearly the way to go. If I were designing more cards for this pack, there would obviously be more self-mill, but I was cautious about attaching mill to a card with Escape. In the spirit of traditional Jumpstart, I stuck to one color this time.

    At Her Majestys BehestAt Her Majestys Behest At Her Majestys Behest At Her Majestys Behest
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    I'll take Pharaonic and #59!
  • @Temurzoa

    Oh no XD I'm really really sorry, that's super awkward because there already was a mix-up about the Signature pack earlier but... Escape isn't an activated ability >.< It's a really good fit thematically though x) But Escape is a static ability that gives an alternative cost, it would have been an activated ability if it said "COST: return this card from your graveyard to the battlefield" for instance. 

    Comprehensive rules:
    702.138a Escape represents a static ability that functions while the card with escape is in a player’s graveyard. “Escape [cost]” means “You may cast this card from your graveyard by paying [cost] rather than paying its mana cost.” Casting a spell using its escape ability follows the rules for paying alternative costs in rules 601.2b and 601.2f–h.

    So I know this is a bit awkward but would you like to redo it this time? ^^"
  • @ningyounk, jeez, that is awkward. Guess I need to brush up on my rules knowledge!

    I'll be back soon with some new cards
  • I haven't had a lot of time for card design or forum challenges lately, but this seems pretty cool! I don't know 100% for sure if these are the currently available packs, but if so I'll take the Hunt design pack and flavor pack #2. If they aren't free I'll take pretty much whatever!
  • I'll get Thrive and the fblthp.
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    Your packs are coming right up! Starting with your design pack, Thrive:


    A pump spell pack! I use the word pump as a shortcut to say that it boosts your creatures' power and/or toughness, any way of doing that would be a valid entry ^^ And for the flavour pack, we've got...


    Crowds in Naya colours, no blue or black allowed — a pretty great combination of colours to go with pump spells I have to say! Because this is a rare pack, note that it requires the illustration to feature a group of people, so you must have at least two characters on any illustration ;) Don't forget to design one card per rarity, good luck to you! =D



    That was indeed a free-to-grab batch of packs, you've got it! =D Here is your first pack, the uncommon Hunt design pack:


    It's a search pack! Note that this is different from simply looking at the top N cards of your library, the pack is all about exploring the actual search action ^^ One small errata though, I kind of misworded it since I'm 100% ok with any card that searches any library, not just yours, if you're feeling inspired. And to go with it, your flavour pack is:


    An inside the city pack, all cards must feel like they are happening inside a city — so no safari hunt I'm afraid, unless it's inside a city somehow XD You must stick to Esper colours — no red or green allowed — and design one card for each of the four rarities. I wish you luck! :D 


    The next participant can claim one design pack and one flavour pack from these:

  • can I participate?
  • @WarriorCatInAhat

    Of course, to enter the challenge, you need to select one design pack and one flavor pack from the ones right above (Ethereal / Toxic / Crossed and 06 / 13 / 47) =)
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    In case multiple people are interested in entering while I'm in bed tonight, I'm going to propose two more batches so if someone already claimed the batch before you, feel free to claim the following one.

    Also fair warning about those two batches of packs, if you want to know more:
    Flavor pack #53 and Design pack "Processor" are extremely misleading about their content ;p

    BATCH #1

    It's right above (ethereal / toxic / crossed).


    BATCH #2


    BATCH #3

  • oh yeah sorry I forgot about that

    I choose design pack toxic and flavor pack #47
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    Let's see what's in those packs!


    Toxic is an attrition pack! I use the word "hurt" to stay open to interpretation, the cards in this pack must directly interact with your opponent and his stuff in some way that is deleterious to them. So making a spell in their hand cost more to cast would be valid since it interacts with something they own in a deleterious way, but you gaining life wouldn't, even if it makes the opponent's job harder in an indirect way. And for the flavour of the packs, we've got:


    The moon! Please note that, because this is a rare pack, the goal is to see the moon appear somewhere in the illustration of all the cards, just mentioning it in the card name or the flavour text won't be enough. You can only use Grixis colours, no white or green allowed, which sounds like the perfect combination of colours to go with your design pack ^^ Don't forget to design one card for each of the four rarities, I wish you luck! =D


    For the next participant, batch #2 and then #3 from my previous comment are still available!
  • I'd like to participate with design pack 'shield' and flavor pack #24 from batch 2, if possible
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    May I have Processor & #30 from batch 3? Great contest by the way, shame I missed the first one. Are you using MSE for the packs?
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    Here is what's inside your packs, starting with your design pack, Shield:


    This is a pack about the protective keyword abilities hexproof and ward! Note that you don't have to use both, it's up to you ^^ If you're not sure what I mean, you can find examples of "Hexproof from something specific" on cards such as Knight of Grace or Eradicator Valkyrie for instance. And to go with that design pack, the flavour pack is:


    An good old Angel-flavoured pack! The interesting part is that you aren't allowed any green or blue, which are the primary colours for hexproof. There are definitely some options I can think of, but that's a combination that will require you to be more creative than most! Don't forget to design one card per rarity, good luck to you!



    Thank you for the kind words! =D Here are your two packs:


    This design pack is dedicated to digital-only abilities! Those abilities have been very recently introduced by the newest Jumpstart: Historic Horizons set. There is an article on WOTC site with a list of all digital-only cards and an explanation of the digital-only mechanics if you're looking for inspiration. Don't hesitate to create your own digital-only mechanics if you feel like it =D As for your flavour pack:


    Humans, in Abzan colours! Note that you don't have to do any Human-specific tribal mechanic, it's valid as long as your cards feature humans on them ^^ Don't forget to design four cards, one per rarity, and no blue or red allowed. I wish you luck! =)


    The next participant can choose two packs from among these:

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    Here you go! I might return later.

  • @IanLowenthal
    Well that was quick x) Congratulations, everything challenge has been respected :D
  • Can I have Limbo and #28 for my next set?
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    Sure thing! Here's what hides in your next packs:


    This design pack is all about exile! A pretty self-explanatory theme, but also a tricky one to execute properly ^^ As for the flavour pack:


    Your cards must be themed around religion and spirituality! Clerics, prayers, spirits,... This one is open to a lot of interpretations ^^

    This pack is Abzan colours, however I am noting that your previous pack was also Abzan colours. Hence, I'm offering you a choice: You can keep this pack, or you can switch to one of the two alternative flavour packs instead (none of them are abzan-coloured):

    I wish you good luck on your second entry! Let me know if you want to switch your flavour pack ^^


    The next participant can choose one design pack and one flavour pack from among these:

  • I'll keep the Religion & Spirituality. (Might take a second though).
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