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Become a base elemental, gain exp, and bond with others to develop the reality.
Can you figure out the combos, and gain a good relationship with the other elemental entities?


  • Man, I beg of you.
    If you want people to participate in your thing, you have to explain the rules.

    What is the end goal here? How do you get this XP that you’re supposed to cherish so dearly? What on earth is an elemental advance?

    It looks like you have a knack for coming up with concepts for complex systems, but without proper incentive, you’ll have a hard time getting people to interact with them.
  • I want to participate in either this, or one of your other ideas, but I need to understand what’s going on.

    A complete ruleset would be nice, but even just an explanation of what the core gameplay loop is supposed to be, and explained as if we don’t know anything about the concept (because we don’t). What we have instead are a bunch of cryptic clues and hints about ‘elemental merging’ this, or ‘claiming territories’ that. They certainly give you a glimpse of something exciting, but they’re the sort of thing you can tell to a person who already knows what you want them to do.

    We do not.
  • It's Mainly a sandbox reality with karma as the currency. People can earn and/or steal karma from others with the right strategies and investments.

    You see, it's a civil war, guised as a simple economic system based on media.
    No formal authority yet, and thus.. no real rules.
    That's where you guys come in.
  • I have about 600,000,000,000 karma, and anyone who wants to invest in my karma strategies and learn my secrets to karmic banking simply needs to Venmo me 4 easy payments of $99.95 a month for just 12 months, and all my karma strategeries will be yours. You will need to sign just a couple of non-disclosure agreements, but those are really just a formality, and nothing you'll need to actually read.
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