Passing of the COLONISERS Mantle

For reasons which I will explain at length both later in this post and in a separate historic on the entire series, I would like to offer someone else the opportunity and duties of hosting the dinky, homemade, yet somewhat respected and long-running series of contests and challenges that is the COLONISERS universe.  : )

This shall come into effect starting Season 8 of the series, or if it it doesn't end up with enough responses in time then starting Season 9. Please note, however, that I reserve the right to host the Grandmaster Colonisers Tournament if that ends up happening. I've been looking forward to doing that since the first seasons, and would like to use it to say a proper goodbye to the series.

To apply, just comment here and PM me. Nothing except an 'I'm interested' is required, by any means, but if you'd like or think it well help your chances you can also submit a short text on why you'd be good for the job. The two criteria I'm going to be most on the lookout for are:

- Experience in hosting contests on this site, and
- Experience and talent in Cardsmithing (they say that those who cannot do should teach, yet I would prefer it if the future judge knew what they were doing as well as possible),

However someone who is really, really good at one of them could still be picked if they don't satisfy the other.

Go ahead, take a chance, roll the dice, anyone can submit.


Over the years, this franchise has been very enjoyable to host. Even though my imposter syndrome makes me wary about doing this I will permit myself a small brag and mention that COLONISERS has been acknowledged by the admins, and described as one of my fellow cardsmiths as a 'staple of the community'.
However, I'm running out of both ideas and steam. It's not that there is nothing more to add to the concept, it's just that I don't think that person should be me. I don't think I want that person to be me. I'm not tired OF Colonisers, but I am a little tired of being the person responsible for the success OF Colonisers. So this is me putting a feeler out for someone who can do better.

Does this mean that I am leaving the MTGCardsmith forums?
Most certainly not. While it may seem like this series is the only thing I really do around here, I have plenty of things to move onto. I will be able to participate in contests, judge my older one-off contests that I forgot existed, get Intrigue In The Marble Council actually started up...

No matter what happens next, thanks for all the memories.


  • Try your hand…
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    Look, I think we all know that although I would love it, I would brutally fail. I'll do it if no-one else wants to.....
    (and I'm not doing the Marble Council)
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    I might need a little lore help getting started (if there's lore I need to pick up), but once I get done with Stitia I'd be open to picking up Colonizers.

    Update: With interest in Stitia waning I think I'll be ending it soon. Not too soon, but relatively soon.
  • I'm willing to try a season out.  My credit with challenges isn't great, but I am a really good writer I think, and I do have some ideas.
  • I shall leave a week for more entrants, and then my successor will be declared.
  • Also, @KorandAngels, @Tommia, @DrakeGladis,

    If I were to declare you the new COLONISERS host… How would you resolve the lore implications? The Grandmaster Tournament marks the end of the Hero’s duty with the demons. Why does he keep on doing these? 
  • I would have to discuss further detail later and build upon these, since it's 4 AM here and I need to sleep, but I see one of three options:

    - Exhibit A: The Hero of Capes might continue to run them out of a sense of boredom, obligation, or personal gain.

    - Exhibit B: The Hero of Capes is perhaps only the first of many who are in line to keep these demons sated.

    - Exhibit C: The demons the Hero was contracted to dispatches one of their minions to continue the tradition in his wake.
  • I feel that Tommia summed up the options well enough.  I probably would attempt to resolve it as what it is: An attempt to find a successor.  It's something I would feel more comfortable talking abut and resolving in the DMs, as there could be some work needed to connect me to this throng.  

    One possible idea is that it's a trial in the afterlife on a grand scale.  You have passed and get to go to your heroic rest, the next contender must equal or best your performance.
  • @HeroKP I second what @DrakeGladis said.

    Also, just so it isn't a surprise in the long run, even if it isn't a permanent thing, me and Drake were thinking about teaming up, maybe for one season, maybe intermittently, to run if one of us ended up being chosen to take over Colonizers.

    As for "how did we get here?", I did some more reading to catch up to the Colonizers Lore and came to a thought; The Hero of the Capes did these to keep his pre-mending powers, so that leaves us with these revised options, in my mind. And this time, I'm going into detail

    • Exhibit A - The Hero of the Cape continues to run things... from the sidelines: If Nicol Bolas is anything to go by, the power of a pre-mending walker is intoxicating, so much so that it can cause even the wisest planeswalkers to break mentally. Even if his contract is fulfilled, the Hero is left with the question of where to go from here. The answer? It could be quite obvious! Now that he doesn't have to worry about a sense of obligation, he can run things how he wants to... which could mean leaving to do other things while he has someone else run these contests in his absence for his own personal amusement.

    • Exhibit B - With the Contract over, it's time to find someone else to run things: Perhaps the Hero fulfilled his duty or decided to lay down his contract in favor of freedom. Now the burden of carrying the tournament, and perhaps the Kala-Niza itself, is passed onto another being indebted to these demons. If we needed an example, we could take my interdimensional god Otaimo, who is basically only a god in the loosest definition, having garnered a vengeance pact to gain his power. Maybe he gets called up in a gambit to keep it?

    • Exhibit C: Repeating what I said earlier, the demons might be out of powerful interplanar beings they can cash in contracts on, so perhaps they decide to kick things off themselves and start leveraging their sway over the multiverse to cause chaos of their own? This could go hand in hand with another option or a plot twist perhaps.
  • @Tommia That was actually what I was going to suggest too XD
  • At least it's settled I won't be doing it. That would be a disaster.
  • Hurries to make up interplanar lore that can work for someone assisting Otaimo
  • @DrakeGladis You mean Gladoise?
  • I wasn't sure that he'd... scale up
  • I mean, he's more powerful than Otaimo. It just depends on if he'd be willing to help him get things off the ground.
  • Can you make the new one now?
  • Stuff like this takes time. It'll be ready when it's ready.
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