Legends Rising [Remastered]

Welcome to Legends Rising, a nexus discussion, meaning there are various discussions to participate in. This is the main discussion for Legends Rising, where any essential information will be posted, such as Events or new additions. This way you won't have to search through pages/discussions to understand what's happening. So, let's get into the details.
What is Legends Rising?
Legends Rising is a challenges discussion, and is specifically for Commander, though anyone may participate; just note that you will mostly be making cards for the format. Legends Rising takes much inspiration from various existing discussions, but tries to bring a unique experience to the Forums, and I hope it succeeds in that.
The Archives
This is a post that can be found in Legends Rising, where your participation is stored. Many different details about your participation can be found here, and can be freely looked through. Weekly, prizes will be given based on your position, everyone will get a prize, though some are better than others. Monthly, points will be reset, which should allow newcomers a better chance to get some of the better rewards.
Other Discussions
A variety of different discussions are added to Legends Rising throughout it's time here. These discussions are a little different from one another, though are usually connected in some way, and mostly follow the same rules and principles of the others. As new discussions are added, an announcement and a link will be posted here.
Participate at your own leisure, and always be sure to have fun. If you have any further questions about anything, please feel free to ask.


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