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Which Magic: The Gathering card is the best?

A question so meaningless that it's almost comical. Magic cards all serve a unique purpose, both inside and outside of actual gameplay. The sentimental value that someone's pet card offers them is completely unquantifiable, meaning that comparing them would be nonsensical. Anyone who embarks on such an endeavour is surely a fool.


Anyway, here's the link to the poll: The decision will be made in stages, and this is the first.


  • Now, I understand that I am a simple human with simple human biases, and that everyone's experience with magic is unique, so please, if I left out something that should obviously be in there, write it in Other. I will check the poll regularly, and add all the cards that are written in to the poll's main body.
  • I voted - I was surprised with my final decision
  • @jpastor You know you can pick several, right?
  • Oh - well... 


  • I'm going to stick with my one vote, because beyond that, I'd just be voting for cards I've played with and biasedly want to see upvoted.
  • Voted for a few, and for a card that wasn't listed
  • “Noble Hierarch, the most annoying card in the game.”

    ”Ignoble Hierarch, the least annoying card in the game."

    I mean, your not wrong
  • Voted. Interesting selection.
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    To the person that wrote the extensive comment about all the cards I missed, I’d like to meet you someday, so I could give you a very thankful handshake for helping me out so much, and then roundhouse kick your head for daring to assert that Oko has dethroned The Mind Sculptor as the Boogeyman.
  • Yes, in a straight numbers comparison, Oko probably wins more games.

    But to inspire fear like Jace did? To tempt everyone with their power? To make speaking his name forbidden in many playgroups?
    He could never.

    He may be more of a busted card, but he will never be The Boogeyman.
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