The Planar Gauntlet

This is a revamp of a contest I made a while ago that I liked the idea of but never ended up actually getting started. What is that contest? Well...

Every 10 years, a group of beings called the Multiverse Council holds a tournament. The prize: a captured Planeswalker Spark, giving the winner the power to traverse the planes at their leisure. The competition will be tough, and the challenges will be rigorous, but those who yearn for the ability to escape the trappings of only one plane will overcome them all the same. Are you ready to face the risks in pursuit of the ultimate reward? The planar gates have opened, step through and find your chance at glory.


To enter this challenge, you need to do a few things:

1. You must create a legendary creature that represents your competitor in this tournament. The card can use up to three colors and can have a mana value of up to four.

2. You must create a card that showcases some of your competitor's abilities. This can be any card type other than a legendary creature or planeswalker. It must fit within your competitor's colors, but there isn't any CMC limit.

3. Tell which plane they are from. They can be from any known plane, or a custom plane, but if the plane is custom I would like a short description.

4. You may create other lore cards for your character, and give as much other information as you like, but nothing other than points 1-3 are required to enter.

Both of the required cards will be judged and added to your point total, but any lore or story cards will not.


Once we begin, you will be given a challenge to deal with every week. You will create a card showcase how you solve the problem you're presented with, which will be graded on a scale of 1-10. Every few weeks, you will be transported to a brand new plane filled with brand new challenges. Throughout it all, however, there will be NO ELIMINATIONS! Regardless of how many points you have, you will be able to stay through to the final challenge. Upon completion of said final challenge, the person with the highest point total will be declared the victor and be rewarded with a planeswalker spark.


Before we begin, there are a few rules that I need to share.
-Cards cannot be a color that your character is not.
-Cards made before the challenge are not allowed.
-Cards can be changed until the next challenge, at which point they are set in stone.
-If you make a story or lore card, you may disregard all card rules but you must signify that it is a story or lore card.
-You may edit your contestant's card, and their signature card, at any time. Once modified, the grade of the new card will replace that of the old. The new card for your contestant must be, of course, of the same contestant.
-You may change colors exactly once, provided that at least half of your previous colors (rounded up) remain the same. After that one change, however, the change is permanent and you cannot change your colors again. (Ex. You may go from RU to WR or RUG, but not from RU to BG)


In terms of writing story, you may make as much or as little as you like for your character. However, I would request that you make at least a small blurb with each of your challenge entries telling me what your card represents. I encourage story-writing, but I understand that it's not everyone's thing, so there isn't any kind of requirement for it.

For interactions between characters, you guys can meet up, form alliances, create rivalries, whatever you want. Keep in mind that in-story team-ups will not give you any mechanical bonus, both characters would still create cards and gain points separately.

Entries will be accepted until the first challenge is released on Saturday, September 18.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Now, without further ado, good luck, have fun, and happy cardsmithing!


  • *raises hand* I have a question I'd like to ask for clarification:
    • In point 1, you say 'the card can use up to three colors.' Does this mean our card's mana cost can contain up to three colors, or our card's color identity (mana cost + mana symbols in the text box) can contain up to three colors?
    Allow me to introduce Piao Ling, from the plane of Tarkir. Piao Ling managed to escape during the subjugation of the Jeskai by dragons. One of the few who remembers the Jeskai clan's existence, they wander aimlessly in their journey toward enlightenment.
    Piao Ling Drifting Mystic Disperse the Mist

  • You have a question, I have an answer! Your card can have a color identity of up to three colors. No four or five color characters are allowed.

    On another note, thanks for being the first to enter!
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    This is Levuth (and her traveling companion/sort of child or younger sister Mila). She's from Shandalar, where magic is plentiful and pretty much anything can be sentient.
    She used to be a thief [pas represented by one of the backstory cards "Loot the Dead" for her,
    until one day she was hired to kidnap an orphaned young sentient cat named Mila for some mysterious purpose. After taking her to the man who'd hired Levuth he tried to eliminate the young criminal, causing her to run and take Mila with her. At first she brought Mila along because she had no idea what else to do with her, but eventually grew to love the child like family after spending months on the run fighting for their lives. (Seen in her other lore/story card "Tender Resolve" up above.) She now avoids their mysterious pursuers by hiding out in and traversing the deadly catacombs below Shandalar. Some of her tactics there can be seen in "Deadly Trick"
    Some final notes are that I wanted Levuth and Mila to be focused on protecting each other in different ways, and using all kinds of different tactics to avoid danger and deal with enemies, represented by lots of combat tricks and general instants.

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    Here we have Luna Noel, a Human who has an appreciation for creatures in nature. Her philosophy in life is always the bigger picture. Leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible, and fate will always end up on her side as a result. Love your surroundings and learn about all the beauties that even some of the most horrific creations might possess.

    Here we have another bigger picture card... where she must self-pacify in order to discover something new. In reality, this would be like adventuring into the great outdoors and getting some allergies as a result, but since you're out and about, you'll find ways to cope and eventually discover things about your world you'd never discover if you didn't venture out.

    This made up plane, let's call it Luminaria, is a biodiverse plane where creatures have evolved with bioluminescence and an intricate connection to one another. The only sentient beings are Humans. Everything else here would qualify as plants, elementals, spirits, or animals. It comes with beauties as well as horrors. Consider this plane a crisscross between Pandora in Avatar, Kephalai in the urban areas, Ergamon, and in some ways, Dominaria.

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    Not much is known about Arko's plane, but from a young age he displayed a strong talent for both combat and magic, which earned him the attention of the elven council. Being born from a great elf warrior Taruk and versed from a young age in swordsmanship combined with his unique use of lightning magic, he quickly accelerated his military career in the elven kingdom, but this would be the end of his luck.

    Overlooking his rebellious nature and lack of constraint in favor of his talents, he was invited into the great warrior tournament, an elven tournament hosted by elven nobles, consisting mostly of participants of royal blood, high standing or in this occasion, sponsored common folk to fight for the right to be the next elven champion. During the final stages of the match, it was clear from the start who the victor was, as his superior speed overwhelmed and eventually fatally wounded the elven king's son in the tournament.

    In fury, the King exiled him and ordered his immediate death, but his parents managed to send him off in time. As punishment they were the ones to face his fate. Ever since then it has been said that he waders the realm, searching for the power to help him exact his revenge. During his travels he has become known in many names, '"the lightning blade", "the sudden death", "the final flash", but most have come to know him as the fastest swordsman to ever live.
  • Ok, so, this was supposed to start tomorrow, but at the moment we only have four people. As such, I'm going to extend the deadline to October 2nd or the first Saturday after we hit 12 people, whichever comes first.
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  • I hope more people join, I'm looking forward to this 
  • I vaguely remember the earlier challenge, but I don't remember if I entered that one, and I don't have it on-hand to check if I did. Still, I'll probably enter this a little later today.
  • Timon Grand Harpist Tale of the Pale Castle

    Keras Ikel is a world of strange creatures, stranger magic, and champions on both sides of the moral spectrum. However, the well-known harpist Timon refuses to choose between the two major factions, the Council of Stars and the Steel League. The reason for Timon's on-the-fence ideals is because he cares more about playing his music wherever there's space for him to play, and because he hopes that he can help bring peace to the two factions.

    It remains to be seen if that can actually be done
  • Alright, we'll be starting this Saturday, regardless of how many people we have. So, if you want to join, you should do so quick!
  • @cadstar369, @OhWyrm, @jpastor, @Tonysparks, @SpellPiper2213

    Well, I would have like to have far more than 5 people in this contest, but I suppose I've got to run with what I've got. As such, without further ado...

    The multiverse is a vast place, far more expansive than any mortal mind could hope to comprehend. It is comprised of infinite planes that cover any type of world you could possibly imagine, but the simple fact is that most people will only ever witness one. However, there are those who possess the supernatural ability to traverse the Blind Eternities between planes: Plansewalkers.

    Statistically, only about one in a million sentient beings are born with a planeswalker's spark, and only a fraction of those actually manage to awaken their latent powers. But, scarcity bolsters value, and many would be willing to put their lives on the line for a chance to gain access to this incredibly rare power.

    The first to recognize this were a group of incredibly powerful mages that call themselves the Multiverse Council. Setting up shop on the plane of Indris, a plane located very near to the center of the multiverse, they began a competition. The greatest competition in the multiverse, they called it, with the most valuable prize: A captured planeswalker spark. Every 10 years, contestants are gathered from across the multiverse to vie for this reward. And now, the time has come again.

    In a stadium on Indris, the air is rife with anticipation as spectators file in. The stands are packed, not surprising as this is one of the biggest events in the multiverse. Tickets to the opening ceremony are sold out years in advance. 

    After not too long, a voice finally rings out throughout the stadium. "Welcome, one and all, to the opening ceremony. We gather in this stadium to celebrate the greatest multiplanar competition in the entire multiverse. As you all may know, this has been a bit of a slow year for competitors, but that just means that we'll have to compensate by cheering for each individual even louder!"

    As the announcer finishes his sentence, a loud cheer erupts from the crowd. "Good to see you're all excited!", the announcer continues, "Now, I'm sure you're all eager to meet our competitors! Now, give it up for the five brave souls who will be competing for the greatest power in the multiverse!"

    "First up is a mystical monk from Tarkir journeying towards enlightenment, it's Piao Ling!" A man in a red and white cloak that obscures his face walks calmly into the stadium, carrying a quarterstaff.

    "Next is the tactical tag-team that combines the best elements of human and feline, all the way from Shandalar come Levuth and Mila!" A young woman with blond hair and a backpack enters the stadium, carrying a white-furred cat on her shoulders.

    "Our third competitor is a naturalist shaman from the plane of Luminaria who always focuses on the big picture, please welcome Luna Noel!" A dark-haired woman in a styled cloak walks gracefully to the center of the arena to stand next to her competitors.

    "The fourth competitor this year is is a highly talented swordsman known for his lightning-fast fighting style and his actual lightning magic, from an unknown plane comes Arko!" A young green-haired man runs out into the arena, leaving lightning in his wake as he speeds towards the center.

    "And last, but certainly not least, from the plane of Keras Ikel comes a harpist who aims to bring peace to his world through his beautiful music, give it up for Timon!" An elf with dark hair carrying a harp enters the arena, strumming a melody that flows throughout the stadium to everyone watching.

    Once the cheering dies down, the announcer says, "Now, for the final part of the opening ceremony: The choosing of the first plane! Now, let's bring up the spinner!"

    As he says this, the words The First Plane appear in magical light in the center of the stadium. Then, the lights begin to shift rapidly, appearing to cycle through the names of over a million different planes. Finally, however, they settle on one. One single word in massive glowing letters to be seen by all. "Oh, my, this is going to be an interesting contest!" the announcer exclaims. "We'll be throwing our competitors into a highly dangerous plane right off the bat!"

    "The Planar Gauntlet is heading to Innistrad!"

  • As was said in that massive wall of text up there, our first plane is the gothic horror plane of Innistrad! I would have liked to have had the first challenge out today, but I've had a really busy day and simply haven't had the time. But I figured I'd make sure I got out the introduction at least!
  • Hey take your time, I would rather have late stories than have a ditched contest. Also innistrad is my favorite plane followed by Amonkhet so I'm extra excited.
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    Away from the excitement of the arena, the Multiverse Council sits watching the opening ceremony. The seven beings watch the lights settle, and soon one begins to speak. "Innistrad? A fine choice, if I do say so myself. We haven't started there for quite a few gauntlets, and we'll need a plane with such dangers as this one to get the excitement going with how few competitors we have." 

    "Yes, but where do we start them? Innistrad has many a exciting place to drop them off." Another Councilman says.

    "Don't worry," the first Councilman replies, moving to press a button in front of him, "I have just the spot." 


    Back at the arena, the crowd is still murmuring in anticipation as, without warning, a portal opens up at the center of the arena. Each contestant falls, and sees a sight unlike any they've ever seen before. The portals from each's home plane were far more direct, but this one seems to have sent them hurtling through the blind eternities. Perhaps a portal made so quickly is less refined, or maybe the Council wanted to give them a taste of what planeswalking really feels like. Either way, each begins to feel their consciousness slipping, and before long they are all blacked out.

    When each contestant comes to, they find themselves alone in a densely packed forest. The howls of wolves can be heard in the distance, and not long after there is a response that comes from a bit too close to you for comfort. Regardless of if you stay in the same place, or if you immediately begin to move, you eventually are confronted by a pair of werewolves. The light of the full moon illuminates them completely, and they appear poised to attack.

    Your Challenge This Week Is:

    Create a card that represents you dealing with this pair of werewolves! Your solution can be anything, as long as it stops the immediate threat of death by werewolf.

    Also, how challenges will work going forward is that the first challenge on each plane will be the same for each contestant, and further ones may be the same as well, but you sort of have free range with your character's story other than the challenges. Individual challenges will be given out as I deem necessary based on where in the plane your character is when the time comes for a new challenge, and I will try to ensure all individual challenges are similar in difficulty. However, if you don't want to write story, you don't have to write any. So don't worry about writing walls of text about where exactly on the current plane your character does and what specifically they do if you don't want to. You can write as much or as little story as you want.

    Now, good luck, have fun, and happy cardsmithing!
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    (I will readjust size later if needed - mobile)

    Story - The first shock for Arko came from the realization that he had been teleported to a plane which he knew nothing about, the second shock came from the realization that it had man sized wolves, that apparently could walk. Regardless of what they were, he wasn't willing to engage with them until he learned  more about the plane. Arko will surveil the plane and learn more about it.

    Thunder Burst - Thunderburst is a retreat tactic Arko uses to evade threats or buy more time, in which he places a metallic object in his hand and conjures lightning to strike it causing a damaging sonic burst to targets surrounding him and disorientating them enough for him to flee. He has lost countless swords this way due to them shattering, which is why he had a blacksmith custom make one which can handle the electric flow better.
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    Pretty self-explanatory what Luna Noel decided to do here!
  • Long post but...
    Levuth opened her mouth to say something to Mila about their host, but before she could get anything out the portal opened beneath their feet. She choked back a scream, and screwed her eyes shut, holding onto the small cat so tight she was afraid she'd hurt her. Better hurt than lost in the Blind Eternities though.

    Falling to the ground Levuth tucked and rolled to protect her head. Years of exploring and living in a trap infested catacomb was good for something after all. Mila for her part had no trouble with the landing, landing on her feet like her feline nature would suggest. The two looked around, all their years underground making it easier for their eyes to adjust even her in the dark tangled forests of Innistrad. It was Mila's turn to get interrupted apparently, because when she turned to ask if Levuth was alright a howl rang through the woods that made both of them feel their blood run cold.

    Levuth stood, brushing clumps of dirt off her pants and shaking her head to try and get it out of her hair. Her heart was pounding in her chest, but she couldn't let Mila see how worried she was. With one hand she scooped the cat up and put her in her usual place atop the backpack they carried. Then, she began to run, putting distance between herself and the howls.

    "Where are we going?" Asked the cat, holding on tight to her companion.

    "No idea."

    "Okay," Mila nodded. This wasn't the first chase the two had been in, and it probably wouldn't be the last either, but so far they'd both managed to get out in mostly one piece. That had to count for something. Or Mila was pretty sure it did at least.

    As the two ran Mila spotted something. A flash of white among the dark green. "Stop," she whisper yelled, and Levuth did.

    "What's wrong?"

    "That thing," she pointed to the mysterious white object.

    Levuth nodded and jogged over to it. What she saw reminded her of her youth. A body. Picked clean by what she hoped was just time and scavengers. Next to it though, was that a shovel?

    It was. Levuth let out a sigh of relief, and clutched it to her chest. A shovel gave them options. She set Mila down, and told her her idea. A pitfall. The cat nodded, and scampered away to collect sticks the two could sharpen while Levuth started to dig.

    Another howl. The wolves were getting closer, not as fast as they might have without other people to distract them, but still too fast. Levuth wiped the sweat from her brow, and pushed her loose hair out of her face, striking the loose earth with all the strength she had. Mila had returned at this point, and was trying her best to help, digging at the dirt with her tiny paws. There was no way they could get this done fast enough, and both were beginning to realize it.

    Levuth would do anything to save Mila though, she'd decided that long ago. She grit her teeth and started to tell Mila to run ahead, that she would hold them off while she escaped, and that they'd meet up again after the danger had past. Partially true at least. She couldn't make herself say those words though. Hot angry tears stung her eyes and she began shoveling even harder.

    Mila had stopped though, and she was the one to speak. "Let me help."

    "You are helping," Levuth grunted.

    "Let me actually help then. I can distract them. I'm fast enough, smart enough. You should know that, you're the one who taught me to be this way."

    She was right, and Levuth knew she was right. That didn't make it any easier though. She grimaced and set down the shovel beside her, pulling Mila into a quick embrace. "Go. I love you, be safe, come back to me in one piece."

    Mila just nodded and ran off in the direction of the howls. She found the wolves quickly, and made a mewling noise to get their attention. Their ears perked up, and they started to sniff at the ground. Another whine and the slavering beasts let out a howl. That was her cue. She led them through the tangled roots of the forest, her smaller size letting her squeeze into places the wolves couldn't. She'd lost one or two of them already, and let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding in. Time to push a bit farther. She darted up a tree and leapt from branch to branch. The wolves followed. Mila smiled. She was really doing it.

    Meanwhile Levuth, having completed a shallow pit set to work securing the sharpened branches. With each howl she flinched, listening for a scream that would mean Mila wasn't coming back. Fortunately it never came. Time was running short though, Mila had to be getting tired by now, she'd need to head this direction soon. With that thought still in mind she started to cover the pit with leaves and twigs. It brought back memories. Bad memories, but still memories. This time though it was to save a life. That was a small comfort.

    With her pit all done Levuth started the climb up one of the nearby trip opposite the side Mila and the wolves would come from. Her muscles screamed at her to stop or at least slow down. She didn't listen. Moments later she was rewarded by the flash of bright white fur, streaked with dirt, and covered with brambles, but alive and uninjured.

    Deep in the forest Mila had lost all but one of the giant wolves chasing her, and streaked back towards the direction she'd come from. The brute behind her was too close to comfort but she was close. Almost there. Almost. Almost. Almost. Yes! She leaped over the pile of sticks and leaves and scrambled up the tree she could see Levuth in. The wolf wasn't so lucky. It kept rushing forward, its heavy body breaking the fragile sticks beneath it. It fell. There was a crash, a sickening squelch, and a whimper. No time to dwell on that though.

    The two embraced in the tree before gingerly clambering down. Now it was time to actually get out of this damnable forest.

  • Story Entry

    A howl woke Piao Ling, finding himself lying against something large and solid. His possessions were still in place, but he'd dropped his staff. Carefully getting to his feet, he cast about with his senses, both physical and magical. He'd been lying on a gnarled tree, and his staff lay within reach in a thick patch of grass. The scents and sounds of a thick forest surrounded him. A strong breeze, masking the movements of small creatures hiding in the grass and roots of trees. The calls of owls and other night birds. Another long, piercing howl. Closer this time, which might be troublesome.

    Acting without hurry, Piao Ling began to walk through the forest. He knew nothing of this Innistrad place, and there was nothing to be done about it but experience whatever this plane chose to offer. While he could certainly sense the origin of the howling, he had neither reason to seek it out nor reason to avoid it. A third howl sounded, this one much closer than the first two, and clearly coming from something in Piao Ling's path.

    Emerging into a small clearing, Piao Ling faced two large humanoid forms. A thick smell of blood emanated from hulking, thickly-furred creatures. Their lupine features reminded him of the Abzan Ainok, though these creatures were of more feral countenance. Perhaps the Temur Ainok would make a better comparison…

    One of the creatures snarled at him, breaking his placid train of thought. Sensing imminent combat, Piao Ling let his staff fall to the ground. He found no need for violence in his Way, but that didn't mean he was defenseless. The fires of enlightenment began to circulate in his body while he raised his open hands to float loosely at chest height.

    "Bearing ill will against others brings misfortune," he warned, unsure if the creatures could understand him. "Leave me be, and I will do the same for you."

    One of the creatures lunged forward, snarling madly. An ethereal blue haze veiled Piao Ling's arms as he reached out to meet it. Catching one thick, sinewy forelimb, Piao Ling shifted its momentum, sending it crashing into a nearby tree. The second creature quickly followed the first, coming up behind Piao Ling. The rough movement was easily detected by his third eye, and he threw the large beast over his shoulder into the first.

    Giving a respectful half-bow to the stunned creatures, Piao Ling picked up his staff and resumed his walk.

    Technique used to defend himself~
    Hands Weaving Clouds
    Took me forever to be satisfied with the flavor text. :sweat_smile:
  • Ok cool, we have an entry from everyone now. Your next challenge will be coming in the next few days.
  • Sorry about the delay, I’ve been busier than expected. The next challenge will be out tomorrow.
  • @Aggroman15 what's the word on the next challenge?
  • Very sorry for the delay, I'll try to be better with getting it out on time next week, but for now, it's time for challenge 2!

    Each of you have, in your own way, disposed of the werewolf threat. You continue on your way out of the forest, and before long you see the light of the sun begin to peek through the branches. The night is over, and with it goes the sense of terror eminating from this forest. Eventually, you exit the forest, and this is where your stories begin to diverge... 

    @SpellPiper2213 Your travels bring you through several villages, where you preform your songs and are able to gather some information from the locals. The forest you were in was in the province of Kessig, and you now find yourself in Nephalia. After a few days of wandering, you find yourself in a coastal village. It's late at night when you arrive, and before you can even find an inn to stay at you hear a haunting melody on the winds. It seems to be coming from the beach, so you follow it, intrigued. When you get to the beach, you see a figure playing a lute, their back to you. When they turn to face you, you can see that they match the descriptions you've heard of spirits. "I have heard your songs across the moorland, bard..." It says slowly, before beginning to move towards you. As it nears you, you can feel yourself weakening slightly. 

    "Your songs are beautiful... I would love to have them for myself..."

    Your challenge this week is to deal with this ghostly threat that seems intent on stealing your musical magic!

    @Tonysparks You exit the forest, and find yourself looking at a large mountain range. Not far ahead of you, at the mouth of a mountain pass, lies a small town. When you reach the town, you are able to gain some information from the townsfolk there. The forest you just exited was in the province of Kessig, and you are currently on the outskirts of Stensia. Despite their suggestions to turn around, you decide to head further into the Geir Reach mountains. You set off in the horse and carriage the town provided for you, along with your guide, down a mountain pass. At first, everything is going fine, but partway through your journey you hear a rumbling up above you. You look, and see a rock slide tumbling down the mountainside just before it hits your carriage dead on. Your ride, with you in it, is sent careening down into the valley below.

    When you come to, you hear voices not too far off.
    "Remember, if we find any survivors, I get first bite this time!" You look up, and see two vampires searching the wreckage. It's only a matter of time before they discover you.

    Your challenge this week is to deal with the immenent vampire threat!

    @OhWyrm Try as you might, the forest just seems to keep going on. Unable to find the end of the trees, Levuth begins to climb one to get a better vantage point. Mila stayed on the ground to keep watch for more approaching dangers. At the top of the tree, Levuth sees that the forest ends not too far from your current position. Suddenly, Levuth hears a yell from the ground. Leaping down from the tree, she sees Mila gone. Luckily, whatever took her wasn't concerned with being discret, and left a pretty obvious trail. With the minimal headstart the culprit has on Levuth is quickly made up as she sees two hunters holding Mila in a clearing.

    "Let me go!" Mila shouts.
    "Huh. Well, would you look at that. It speaks! All my days as a hunter in these old Kessig woods, aad I ain't ever seen anything like that. Reckon the expidition leader will love to have a look at this one."

    Your challenge for this week is to save Mila from the hunters!

    @jpastor Having made an ally out of one of the werewolves, you leave the forest and begin your journey. Careful to keep your new friend in check at night, your travels go mostly unimpeded for a few days. In the towns you stay in, you are able to gather some information. The forest you were in was in the province of Kessig, and you are currently in Gavony. One night, you awake with a start to a loud crash from outside the inn you're staying at. You rush downstairs to find that your werewolf friend is making a mess of the streets outside. You run out, casting a spell to calm him down. While successful, the gathering mob of people seems less soothed. 

    "She's led a werewolf into our midst! They're working together!" One of the townsfolk yells, advancing towards you with a torch. "What do you say we burn the both of them?"

    Your challenge this week is to deal with this torch-wielding, pitchfork-brandishing angry mob!

    @cadstar369 As you leave the forest, you find yourself not too far from a small village. Deciding to stay for a few days, you are able to get some information from the locals. The forest you just exited was in the province of Kessig, and you are now in Nephalia. However, you are also able to glean that these townsfolk seem perpetually on edge. They practically board up and barricade their doors and windows each night. Intrigued as to why, you head out into the town after nightfall. A strange mist flows across the ground, and you can hear laughter and sickening moans coming from down the street. As you get closer to the source of the noise, you see a woman dressed in black appearing to be preforming a ritual. She's the source of the laughter, but what about the moans...

    All of a sudden, you feel rotten hands grab your arms and legs. The woman turns to you, and says, "You didn't think I'd just let you ruin my fun, did you? No, I run this town, with my precious children, and nobody is going to end that. Zombies, tear him apart!"

    Your challenge this week is to fend off a necromancer and her zombies!

    Now then, as always, everyone, Good Luck, Have Fun, and Happy Cardsmithing!
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    Arko approaches the vampires

    It has become common knowledge to me that nothing in this plane has any semblance of concern for its own life. Not even a day has passed and there has been several attempts at my life. So it has become my task (Casually ignites wings) to instill that fear into you so that maybe future cannibals like you or whatever you are, will know better than to cross my path. Maybe then, will I get a peaceful nap in this forsaken place.

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