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  • duel prizes

    I believe these are accurate

    1. Prize 91 - Dark Matter Crystal - Ends the deadline when you use it.
    1. Prize 95 [NEW!] - Golden Key Guarantees a modal prize in the box it is used to open.
    2. Prize 97 - Lucky Rabbit Foot Unlimited reshuffles this deadline. (Activated automatically.)
    3. Prize 65 [NEW!] - Chimes (Choose solo, duel, moshpit - receive an instrumental song clip to create a card about.)
    4. Prize 58 [NEW!] - Dueling Boots (Duel a cardsmith of your choice in a single duel.)
    5. Prize 43 - Two Cookies 2 challenge options for the your next mystery box (automatic)
    6. Prize 48 - Lotto Ticket Scratch-off Choose 10 prize #'s. You get 1 at random.
    1. Prize 2 - Slaps (Up to 3 target entries of your choice get slapped... their creators may resubmit new entries.)
    1. Prize 40 - Gearhulk Apparatus (SoloChallenge, Duel, Moshpit, or Modifier: Your choice of mode.... activates the mechanix challenges.)
    @SpyBondPlays - awaiting an entry for the Here's Johnny duel to complete the final prize giveaway!

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  • Can I get a mystery box?

    I'll also activate my Prize 95 - Golden KeyPrize 69 - Quest Modifier, and Prize 48 - Lotto Ticket Scratch-off choosing 3, 11, 20, 34, 48, 61, 77, 87, 91, and 99.
  • can I have a box please?
  • @WarriorCatInAhat
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Premium Prize 85 - Godspell Any prize you'd like.
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a Legendary Creature with cumulative upkeep.

    @Jadefire your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 68 - Limited Art Modifier Activate for X arts, where X is the # of cardsmiths last deadline.
    • Prize 77 - Yro's DWM Mode (Activate for daily, weekly, and monthly challenges for February 2022.)
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a weakness instant.
  • is there a list of prizes or something
  • can I have a bag of gemstones?
  • May I have a mystery box?
  • @AboveAndAbout
    Your mystery box contains:
    • Prize 14 - Short Fuse Modifier All prizes everyone has earned and earn must be cashed in this deadline or else they disappear. [Do you want to activate this prize?]
    • A Mystery Challenge: Lux is fun to say... Lux, flux, luxury. Create a card with lux in its name.
  • Lost Luxury

    I will activate the short fuse modifier.

    I'll also take another mystery box please!
  • edited February 4
    I’ll activate Prize 79 - A Reshuffle; new challenge please. 

    Also, if I activate a deadline modifier at the same time as the Dark Matter Crystal, does the modifier apply to the new deadline or do nothing?
  • Smokescreen duel entry while I await the reshuffle:
    Steelhide Ox

    Personal Prize Inventory
    • Prize 79 – A Reshuffle (A single reshuffle.)
    • Prize 68 - Limited Art (Modifier) - Cash this in anytime.
    • Prize 88 - Adventure
    • Prize 40 - Gearhulk Apparatus - Choose Solo Challenge, Duel, Moshpit, or Modifier (Mechanix)
    • Prize 2 - Slaps (1-3 entries of your choice)
    • Premium Prize 87 - Wildcard (Any non-premium prize of your choice.)
    • Prize 71 - Wagon Wheel (Pre-Mystery Box challenge, duel, or moshpit - activate any time.)
    • Prize 32 – Spider Silk: Receive your next Spellweb with up to 6 colors of your choice. (x4) [Defunct]
    • Prize 91 - Dark Matter Crystal
  • @cadstar369
    your reshuffle: Create an Umbra.
  • @AboveAndAbout
    Your mystery box contains:
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a permanent with the mana cost: 1BlackBlackBlack.
  • Mystery Challenge (Reshuffle): Create an Umbra.

    Welp, since all prizes are gonna go boom, I’ll activate:
    Prize 88 - Adventure
    Prize 40 - Gearhulk Apparatus (choosing solo)
    Premium Prize 87 - Wildcard -> Sculpture, which I will also activate
    Prize 71 - Wagon Wheel (choosing challenge)
    Prize 91 - Dark Matter Crystal

  • @jpastor Just to confirm, the Short Fuse Modifier applies to all prizes, not just the ones earned this deadline?  So no one has anything in their collection anymore?
  • @Corwinnn
    • A Mystery Challenge: Create a colored creature with only colorless mana in its casting cost.
    Territorial Tora
  • actually wait, can I use the Godspell to get a reshuffle instead? since I haven't used the other thing yet

  • I would like to use the reshuffle
  • @jpastor Yep, surprised?
  • I thought the short fuse modifier already went off since the Dark Matter Crystal was activated.  If WarriorCatInAhat has a chance to use Godspell is there a last shot to use any remaining prizes before the next deadline begins?
  • @Jadefire
    The godspell was activated before deadline end.
    February 4
    Though it was changed after the fact, I'm still honoring it.
    So, no. Though I wish I could, this is how I wrote the terms for the prize.
  • I dont have my laptop right now, so pardon my slowness catching up :)
  • @FireOfGolden
    Surprised! Relieved! Yay!
  • @jpastor OK, I didn't see that the Godspell was activated earlier, makes sense.

    Jason Statham vs Jason Bourne Duel

    A Mystery Challenge: Create an instant kill spell.

  • wait, are the duels still going on?
  • @WarriorCatInAhat the duel event ended, but if you grabbed a slot in one of those duels before that deadline passed and haven’t yet submitted a card for it, you can still make one (which is what Jadefire & I have each done recently).
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