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  • @cadstar369, that card looks pretty good! The only thing I might remove is first strike, since it's already such a powerful creature for aggro decks. Otherwise, it looks like a cool card to build around, possibly as a commander.

    I don't have a card, but I do have a mechanic:

    Compleation {cost} (Whenever a creature an opponent controls attacks you, you may pay {cost}. If you do, return this creature to the battlefield compleated and blocking that creature.)

    This mechanic is designed for white-blue, but I'm not sure if it fits the color pie.
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    Is the wording correct?  You are returning it from the graveyard?  Or do you play it from your hand as an instant?  I'm assuming graveyard.
    It's almost certainly black, it having unearth and all the other graveyard interaction cards.
    Blue also has some reanimation abilities like unearth, embalm, enternalize and ways to put stuff in the graveyard.
    White is the same as blue embalm, enternalize and reviving small creatures under conditions, but no discard or mill synergies.
    Green has always been paired with black for graveyard synergies and I can see it fitting this due to the ambush like nature of the ability.
    It's not red, though it has unearth, reanimation is not really it's thing.   
    So at first I thought black/green but I can also see no issue with white/blue since they do have some access to it and I can see having it trigger on defence makes it lean to white/blue, they could use a few more reanimation cards. 
    As it is worded now it's a built in reanimation which is very powerful, all creatures that can do this with no other resource cost are like 1/1s so either this ability are on small creatures or a "bad" creature the cost to activate should be much more than the base cast due to the recursive nature even if there is a condition and it must block something.
    Also what does compleated status mean?  Exile when it dies?  If you want to reduce the cost it should be a negative status.
    Here is mine
    Alright I have no idea if this is balanced or not.  Anyone with a math degree can figure out if it is worth trading your treasure or food, for 70% card selection and life, 20% card draw, 10% tutor.  What is treasure worth? 1.5 mana? Food 1 mana? Would you trade it for these odds?  Worst case, you give it 1 treasure, scry 1 2 life was it worth it?  What if you gave it 3?
    This was a top down flavour design for giving money or food to a beggar, this one has some mysterious powers and will reward you when it goes ways.
  • Okay @Sweda - the only thing i don't like is that a debt is inherently negative, but here... on this card... we see that the more debt you have, the better it is lol.

    However, I actually understand your logic and this card is legit. I think you nailed it, to answer your question... my math lines up with what you have on the card.

    Voila - a bad card with a hopefully good mechanic...

    Shui the Water Hole
  • @jpastor

    This is fine, though I don't like the fact that this is basically strictly better than an island in almost every circumstance. Maybe have it enter tapped? Other than that, nice work.

    Here's my card:

    This is meant to function as a white reanimation type thing, but when looking at the emerge cost, it can function as a fun graveyard blink thing.
  • @tookie1 Its actually worse because you can't tap it for mana the turn it comes down so your missing your land drop anyway.

    Also, if it enters tapped, the ability wouldn't even work since it gets the counter the turn it comes down
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    Reform Spirit looks good and balanced, don't really have much to say about it honestly. Seems printable. 

    Here's my card, land planeswalker. I mean, it works within the rules.
    Sparking Wood

    or, a lot less silly and serious design that I'd rather you comment on:
    King Shahryar

    Scheherazade is based on another card that I saw on Reddit called Sharhazad, of the Nights that also made a King Shahryar token. I didn't think that card was balanced at all, so I made my own, balanced version. I think I did a good job. 

  • @SPyBondPlays
    Sparkling Wood is basically planewalker that does absolutely nothing but makes a mana and game treats this card as if it is a land but opponent can treat it as land or planewalker. They can still destroy it as if it is planewalker rather than being a land, but otherwise I would like to see one like that enters the battlefield!

    Scheherrazde or something like that seems good card and well balanced, but it seems unnecessary for having the token hurts you for each blocking or attacking when you have to sacrifice a creature with 1/1 power and toughness only. It's very specific and should be enough to balance it out without having it hurting its controller for each attack or block.

    Here's card;
  • LV (Whenever a creature would be dealt by this card and dies, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)
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    @FireOfGolden Not bad. Killer seems powerful, but not unreasonably so. What if for the activated ability, it was something akin to:

     “[4]⚫️🔴,⤵️: Killer deals 5 damage to target creature” 

    that way, the ability has better synergy with the LV mechanic (which you should probably explain in the card, possibly at the expense of the flavor text).

    Here’s mine. My gut’s telling me it’s too cheap, but I’d love a second opinion.

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    @Globert-the-Martian interesting way of balancing ability with 0 power and colourless mana.  I don't think it's too cheap, you need to jump through a lot of hoops to get them to sac thier worst card, you need colourless mana, need to pump it's power, needs to successfully hit the player while they full well see it coming, by then it might be mid game already and the chance for an easy shot is gone.  Once there are a few creatures out it won't be doing much, and when it does it they might not be losing much while you would have spent some resource pumping it.  It might help stall combat a few turns like how a deathtouch can stall.  Maybe give it a trigger that pumps it power to keep opponents guessing when it can attack and to get more out of your cards.  If everything aligns and it comes out early, you gave it power and they've yet put up a defence, it could just well be an easy win.
    Here is mine

    "<Subtype> Offering" was a one shot old school Kamigawa ability with reminder text
    (You may cast this card any time you could cast an instant by sacrificing a <Subtype> and paying the difference in mana costs between this and the sacrificed <Subtype>. Mana cost includes color.)

  • @Globert-the-Martian
    The card seems balanced I think and I really like the flavor text. Does doing zero damage trigger "whenever ~ deals damage to a" abilities? I think its balanced, because its prone to removal, and pretty situational. I think that its not OP.
  • @Sweda
    One thing to note: "Your opponent" is a bit vague in multiplayer formats like Commander. Either the ability needs to choose an opponent or apply to each opponent. It's an interesting idea. Very annoying if it can exile a lot of curses, but without any abilities to protect it from removal. Situationally powerful. It all depends on the available curses in a format.

    Shadow Chaser:
    The second ability should probably read "unblocked attacking Shadow" for clarity. Being able to create up to six creatures at once is very powerful in black decks with sacrifice synergies, but the randomness makes it unreliable. Considering the number of powerful ninja in Neon Dynasty, I'm not sure if this can compete. When using this, it's gonna break your heart when you only create one 0/1, especially if it happens multiple times. Therefore, I think rare might be a better fit than mythic rare.

    I've been playing around with illusion type cards recently.

    How does this card look? Are the costs about right?

    I've got two different versions of the same idea here. I'm not entirely sure how to balance a card that can both counter and copy a spell in such a versatile way.

  • @Suleman
    • Twisting Mirror is an interesting concept. To answer your question, consider similar cards such as Flameshadow Conjuring, Minion Reflector, and Riku of Two Reflections. Each of those cards costs 2~3 more mana, two of them have a significantly stronger downside to the token, and two of them require colored mana. Considering the token is much easier to keep around with this card, I'd say the mana value should increase by at least 3 (might be able to get away with 2 depending on the amount of colored mana added to the cost), and perhaps also make the trigger cost {1} more because it's not difficult to overcome paying 4 life when cloning creatures.
    • For Absorb Essence, the cost on either version looks reasonable, considering this is like an upgraded Psychic Rebuttal or getting to choose two of Insidious Will's modes. Considering the name Absorb Essence, I think the second version makes a bit more sense. Perhaps the kicker cost on it could be {2}{g/u}? Having it be {3} doesn't sit well with me for some reason (can't pin down why at the moment).
    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Starlight Shaman

    In particular, I was considering making both the mana cost and the ability cost {g/w}{w/u}; would that be more balanced and/or interesting? I do like the kinds of decks Starlight Shaman fits into like this though…
  • @cadstar369
    It's just barely balanced, as the ability isn't that great and it costs two colored mana instead of 1 and a generic, but you can pay for it with two types so its not as much of a downside. I would make it a 2/1 or 1/2. The ability seems pretty strange. I think that you would be getting enchantment creatures with this the most, due to the colors. The only things that this ability can get to my knowledge are tribal spells, artifact creatures, enchantment creatures, and Dryad Arbor. So I think its balanced. You'd probably run this in a enchantment matters tribal deck, and I think it can pull weight that way. It doesn't really seem like a white ability though, I feel like the cost of the creature should be G G/W and then the activated ability 1G. White's only giving it lifelink, and it definitely doesn't seem like a simic creature either. 

    Here's mine:
    Rule of the Alpha
    I attempted at making a green board-wipe. Its messier then I thought of in my head (Target creature you control fights each other creature. Whenever a creature dealt damage by the target creature would die, remove all damage from it.), but I think it works. I'm not sure of the balancing, but i'm pretty proud of this card. 
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    @SPyBondPlays would you mind explaining how you arrived at those conclusions about Starlight Shaman? From my perspective, the card is like this:
    • Casting it for GW is Jukai Naturalist adjacent (which is one of the primary inspirations for Starlight Shaman) and WW is improved Ajani's Sunstriker. Casting it for GG is sketchy since green doesn't get much lifelink, but it's generally tied to other colors when it does (especially white, e.g. Abzan Kin-Guard and Cliffrunner Behemoth), so I think it's forgivable.
    • Effects similar to the activated ability are certainly seen more often in green with cards like Vivien's Grizzly and Nylea, Keen Eyed, but white also has this kind of 'draw a specific card' effect via cards like Stoneforge Acolyte, Militia Bugler, and Ingenious Smith. Thus there should be no problem with the ability being double hybrid mana.
    • Shifting one of the {g/w} to {w/u} for the cost and/or ability gives options that are similar to cards like Sages of the AnimaVigean Intuition, Arcanist's Owl, and Narset Transcendent.
    • As you surmised, Starlight Shaman is mainly for use in an enchantress deck (which is generally GW or GWU, hence the consideration of the color shifting) but I thought it would allow additional interesting applications in its current form.
    In this way, I struggle to understand where you've drawn your points from, and thus would appreciate them being expounded upon.

    On Rule of the Alpha:
    • At first glance, this reads like a clunky expansion of Alpha Brawl that uses your own creature instead of an opponent's. Perhaps it's trying too hard to tell a particular story that doesn't seem all too likely to happen?
    • Why do you need to remove all damage from the creature after every fight? Is this card somehow compressing time so that the target is fighting a different creature every day until everyone has had their turn? It doesn't make much sense to me, considering cards like Apex Altisaur and Spinning Wheel Kick.
    • If you want the target to have a chance of dying, why not make it somewhere between Alpha Brawl and Chandra's Ignition? That is, something along the lines of "Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to each other creature, then each of those creatures deals damage equal to its power to that creature." In this case, the resulting card would likely be red rather than green.
    • If you don't want it to die, just make it indestructible before it starts fighting, like Blizzard Brawl or Outmuscle.
    • It would be nice if there was a way to do something like "Target creature you control deals damage equal to its power to each other creature, then each of those creatures that didn't die this way deals damage equal to its power to that creature," since that seems close to what you appear to be aiming for, but state based actions like dying from damage aren't checked until after the spell finishes resolving, so neither this nor your original idea actually work.
    • Regardless of the above, balance wise Rule of the Alpha is probably fine as is, and likely doesn't need to be mythic rarity. It's almost strictly weaker than Chandra's Ignition and Duneblast, which are both rares.
    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Searing Grace

    For additional context, I'm trying to explore synergies for this card:
    Raeza Photocryst
  • @cadstar369 Wait, when a creature becomes tapped, do it stays unable to untap until it dies?
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    @FireOfGolden Permanents will always untap during it's controllers untap step, unless stated otherwise.
  • @FireOfGolden no, it works the same way as cards like Kashi-Tribe Elite and Kor Hookmaster. The creature is tapped the turn it takes damage, and does not untap during its controller's next untap step. Every turn after that it will untap as normal.

    Now, if the controller of Raeza Photocryst were to trigger its ability every turn, then you could keep a creature tapped down forever, similar to using Matsu-Tribe Sniper on a flying creature every turn.
  • Ahh, my bad. I missed "next" word in card and thought it's permanently tapped.
  • @cadstar369
    Searing Grace: It's well balanced card with good costs, its rarity seems reasonable based on ability of the card.
    Raeza Photocryst: And again it's balanced card, but I don't see how red comes in role for this. Red is well known for its ability to dealing damage as possible however lacks in protection for the creatures or controllers. I don't see that in the card, maybe spice it up a little or just make it into {1}{g}{w}?

    I am curiously how this plays out...

  • @cadstar369
    The whole idea with Rule of the Alpha is tying into green's philosophy of natural selection. If you've got a guy who is bigger than everybody else, than you can get rid of every other creature. The whole "when a creature dealt damage by the chosen creature would die remove all damage" is so you actually have a chance of killing everything and don't just get overwhelmed by the damage, you've got to have a big enough guy to kill the chosen creature but honestly removing that clause seems better. It was just to make that so if you had a 4/4 and there was a 3/3 and a 2/2 and a bunch of other guys you wouldn't just get killed by the 3/3 and the 2/2. I was just trying to make a green board wipe card. 
  • @cadstar369
    Yes, white can draw specific cards, but cards that are white-aligned; equipment, small creatures, etc. Green's whole philosophy is about harmony through acceptance, and is the color that most mingles with other colors. Therby it would make sense if it cares about things sharing a type, I get it that white has that two, but I just don't really think that white needs the effect. I think that the Starlight Shaman should be a GW 1/2 Lifelinker that's not a dragon but not a human, like an elf or merfolk. Being part of the Dragon tribe seems too good for an already good card, because that creature type has some crazy supports. It's ability: 1G: "Look at top card of library put into hand if it has two or more types". Its just kinda how I feel and my opinion man, also I don't think its a blue effect really. Unless you take off the lifelink.
  • @SPyBondPlays
    I just don't get why it has protection from everything. Also, you can use the colored card frames for multicolored spells. What is LV? Meanwhile, everything else makes sense. Adding {E}, spending it to pump it is good. Also being able to deal direct damage in the even you don't want to attack, but incentive to attack since it has menace.

    Not bad.

    Sky Gate

    I have been struggling to produce good lands lately that are NOT underpowered. I tend to undercut the usefulness of lands. So, I went big with this one. Let me know!
  • @FireOfGolden the red in Raeza's cost is mainly to justify the 'noncombat damage' restriction on the trigger, since that doesn't really make sense in GW. It's also to allow a greater range of damage dealing enchantments in formats like commander. There actually was an upgrade planned for Raeza, but they lost their match in ToC5, so that's been scrapped (might come back to it anyway though).

    @jpastor Sky Gate looks pretty cool; I see a couple issues though:
    • Since ninjutsu is an ability activated in the hand, I'm fairly sure the game doesn't know if a creature entered the battlefield via ninjutsu or not.
    • Similarly, assuming the unblocked attacker returned to your hand is a creature card, it is now a different game object, and could not be returned by the ability.
    • Having the target gain flying until end of turn but bounce it at end of combat feels very weird. It has edge applications if the trigger gets Stifled and you get to attack with the target during a subsequent combat during the same turn I suppose, but it would probably make more sense to have the flying buff last until end of combat.
    • Perhaps this would work: "Choose target Ninja that entered the battlefield during the combat step gains flying until end of turn. At end of combat, put a creature card with lesser mana value from your hand onto the battlefield, then return the chosen creature to your hand." The 'lesser mana value' clause is an attempt to avoid cheating out huge creatures, since it appears the objective is to be able to swap your ninja for whatever was there before, which is usually a 1~2 mana unblockable creature. Shenanigans start to happen when you use tokens for the initial ninjutsu activation or somehow manage to get a Ninja out during an opponent's combat step, but I don't know if there's a good way to get around that without burying the card in text, and it ultimately might not prove to be much of an issue, since it'll still do what it's meant to do quite well.
    I'd appreciate feedback on this card:
    Defiant Radiance
  • @cadstar369 Defiant Radiance is a nice versatile card. It feels very white, and is well balanced. However, I feel it should probably be a rare. Other than that, it's a very solid card.

    I would like one's critique on this card, please:

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    Nice art choice, I approve.
    Since this card doesn't specify "activated" abilities, this might lead to some confusing interactions. Things like multiple different abilities with "This creature's power is equal to [something]". Usually abilities like this specify either keywords or activated abilities to avoid that kind of confusion. The number of possible interactions with this card are too many to analyze properly. Interesting, but probably too confusing and abusable.
    Example: What would happen if you exiled an Admonition Angel? Would the "return all cards exiled with it"-effect also apply to the cards exiled with Kordex's own ability?
    oexile oreturn oampquotleaves the battlefieldampquot  Scryfall Magic The Gathering  Search
    If someone else has more experience, please comment.

    Kordex's own activated ability is nice, but it could use clarification. If I'm reading this right, it's "you draw ONE card , and you gain X life where X is the number of creature cards exiled".  You could also read it as "You draw X cards and you X life, where...", which is a big difference.

    Here are my cards.
    I found a piece of art that I liked and made two different cards based on it.

  • @jpastor
    lol, that's not my card. That's @FireOfGolden's.
  • @Suleman Awesome card. I favorited and the art and title are spectacular in my opinion. Nice job!
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