Fabio Can't Believe It's Not Butter! [Usernames!]

So, I just had a great idea! (I'm so sorry, @Fabiocbinbutter!) I want everyone to explain the origin of their username on this site and everything it means to them. Okay? Oki. XD


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    lol! Um I've been using it since forever (in internet years, it's basically true!) from when it was my username on AIM. For some reason at the time, I would frequently switch usernames, and this was one of those funny temporary usernames. But when it came time to get my first email account (hotmail, lol) I used my current name, fabiocbinbutter... and since it's not as convenient to change email accounts, it just stuck, and then I kept using it on various sites
  • I guess it's your turn!
  • Syrix I think I coined sometime when I was in 8th grade as a play on Sirius (at which time I thought was pronounced Sy-ris) and have used exclusively since then. Although, before that I used Kaine which was part of an anagram of my full name.

    I also used to do roleplay forums and so Kaine was the name of my Grey Jedi/Reluctant Sith in the same vein as Darth Vader > Invader, Sidious > Hideous, Bane > Bane, and Kaine > Pain.

    I would also be fairly confident that at least 1 in 3 search results under Google return as having some connection with me.
  • Tomi is part of my real name, and gon is nickname of my favorite soccer player.
  • My name is none of your Beeswax.
    That was the original idea, anyway.
    People think i'm some sort of crazy bee-keeper.
    I'm not.
    bees scare me
  • Biblio is Greek for book and appropriate since I'm a bibliophile. I've managed bookstores and managed and owned gamestores. My personal library is extensive and keeps growing - to the amusement and occasional frustration of my wife. Classics, science fiction, history, comic books, books about comic books, beautiful volumes from the 1800s, books signed by the authors, cookbooks, reference books, manga, science books. Always room for more, both on the shelves and on my reading list.
  • My username was a joke I made In my 7th grade class, and it has been my usernames for literally all of my accounts on anything ever since.

    Somehow, our class got into a universal topic of weird names for people. My teacher (Mrs. Henkle, I think) said that if you name your kid something extremely unusual, you won't get a birth certificate. Without thinking (because that's just me) I said "So I won't get a birth certificate if I name my kid Drigglesnork?" I came up with the word on the spot, and It just kind of stuck.
  • @Biblio1 I want you to look up the suffix "phile", then tell me you're a bibliophile. There is a very big difference between a chocaholic and a chocaphile, if you catch my drift.
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    I dunno, I wasn't sure if I wanted anyone to know my real name, and I didn't think of it being possible to get big on mtgc at some point, so I picked a really dumb name. Wish I could change it :/
  • -phile Greek suffix "love" Denotes fondness for a specific thing. Bibliophile: A person who collects or has a great love of books.
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    @Biblio1 I think he was trying to insinuate that -phile was in some way related to -philia (pathology)
  • @Syrix Actually, I was not insinuating anything, because Philia and Phile are both from the greek; my point was its use IN pathology.
  • Mine's self explanatory.
  • Okay, I use various usernames. But when I saw this site I was like "Yo, I'm not making this pig related! This is a magic site."(Minecraft has me as Captain_Piggz, don't ask).

    Okay, so I thought. I though Iroas, but I hate him since my friend uses him all the time and wold constantly crush me, even when he taught me magic, he would never take it easy :(. So then I though Zendikar Incarnate, 'cause that awesome card was my only chance at beating him.

    So I make this planeswalker named Baby. He was weird. (Who here wants him to drool on one of your creatures to make him blue? Anyone?) So then I make my account. Zendikar Incarnate wouldn't work, because of no spaces, so I did ZendikarIncarnate instead.

    I started with minecraft cards, then realized that minecraft and Magic don't go well, so I made a legendary dragon, who had a mana cost way to high for anyone to want to play him. So, I've been improving and stuffs, and now my cards are better and balanced and stuff. You've maybe seen some of my cards.

    So that's me explaining my name, and also writing a siver of my Magic bio with it. I got off trax. So, adios for now, I guess.
  • The story behind my username is really complex and interesting.

    Jk actually it's very lame- it's my name spelled backwards.
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    haha @Rednaxela. It's not lame. (Nitsuj... nope)
  • Well... My real name is somewhat different tan my real name, Braxtius, Braxton, sounds a bit cooler, and easy to remeber, haha.
  • I got my username from the pokemon Latias it is my favorite pokemon but I had to change the word A little bit because Latias was a "joke accounts" name so I made Latinas!
  • @Latinas, since we're talking about pokemon: LANTURN 4 LIFE!
  • @MrRansom I think Lanturn is really adorable same with Litwick.... not Chandelure though
  • @Tomigon-gon in also the nickname of the main character in a very funny story that I read. Look up Insania Online. You'll love it.

    also, my name: I was thinking about the Stormbreath Dragon (mythic rare red creature from theros) when I was creating this account, and the name stuck.
  • In DnD I played a bard named Nico Stoner. Contrary to what you might think, Nico Stoner wasn't actually a stoner, he was just a Shard mind Bard, and I was not creative with names at the time (I arguably still am).
  • @stormbreath
    Thanks! I'll check that out!
  • @MrRansom, @Latinas

    So you think this is a pokemon website, eh?
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  • @Suicidal_Deity
    Pokemon puns, eh?
    That is Absol-lutely Onix-ceptable.
    I could barely even Raichu this comment.
  • @drigglesnork noooo! Stop infecting a site for an amazing card game with puns from a worse card game! XD
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