Dragon Ball Z TCG Set

So my first set ever is going to be Dragon Ball Z. You probaly know it a little bit, but I decided to make a set out of it. Now this isn't just me making random dbz cards, altough I will have some ,I am mostly recreating different cards from the panini Tcg there is also a story So if your interested take a look at it, the first card will be soon. Heres the link http://mtgcardsmith.com/user/Sonicfan5150/sets/7735. Stay tuned for more!


  • Sonic fan making a DBZ deck? Madness!

    Making a commander deck with Master Rpshi as my commander (He was one of the few DBZ characters I could justify being WUBRG) and most known characters and places, special attacks as sorcery and instant cards.

    I made like fifteen cards. They were destroyed in one of the cullings. I have them saved, they're pretty weak though. Ha ha.

    Good luck with your set. Hope it goes well for you and hopefully Dr. Robotnik won't meddle in your plans. Ha ha.
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