Hopes for Future Standard?

Standard is my favorite format in MTG and I want it to stay that way. I´m not too happy about SOI because I don see many upgrades for MY standard deck. I love elves and thatś what I play. I want some new elves to come in. I just heard about Kaladesh and Iḿ SUPER excited for that. Origins was my favorite set and I think that that will bring great fun to the future standard. What do you like about standard and what are your hopes for the future?


  • My hope is for a standard where esper or gruul doesn't somehow constantly dominate the meta.
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    Anything that makes White at the very least a good color (not too much to ask for). That said, I dream of a Standard where White is just the undisputed best color (not necessarily to a huge degree; just enough to make it THE best color).

    I'd joke about being a White supremacist, but that has unfortunate, real-life implications that I in no way wish to involve myself in.

    Edit: Also, a tier 1 RW control deck (for kicks).
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    @Phelgming, how DARE you?!?! White deserves to be booted to a place without love and care. May it rot forever and ever with the enmity of a billion and one Izzet fanatics eternally grinding it furt--

    Oh shoot, I'm being biased. (I don't hate White that much, I just don't like playing it.) What I really want to see is either Red/Blue that is not aggro or Blue/Green doing well. It has been a long time.
  • My future standard hope:
    Weather Whirler

  • I just want a standard like the Gatecrash Standard...W/U/R RECKONER control v.s. W/R/B Human Tribal Aristocrats in the pro-tour final...OMG they were both so cool decks.
  • Now Kaladesh has ruined standard for me. I don't know why I dislike it.
  • SOI/EMN gave me about 6-7 upgrades for my various commander decks, so there's that. Kaladesh has two of the newest popular commanders, Kambal and Rashmi.

    As for standard itself, it would be nice to see blue brought back up to the level of the other colors. WOTC is very afraid (and rightly so) of how powerful control and counterspells are so they're doing their darnedest to keep it suppressed. Blue's spells in standard are... Ok. They make a decent supplement to some decks. However, blue's creatures are almost entirely uninteresting or useless or both and that means that there really isn't a competitive deck that leads with blue. I mean, blue/red spells has been doing ok but it's mostly red spells and the few meager counterspells and draw spells that sneaked out past the blue filter. Even the major prospects of Metallurgic Summons are quickly losing hype. The best blue card right now, Torrential Gearhulk, is essentially a 'Fatcaster Mage' and isn't very original.

    I suppose I just think blue needs more utility creatures/enchantments like it had around Origins and Tarkir.
  • I love blue. I also wish it was a stronger color in standard. Blue and black are my favorite colors of all time and I wish they had a more unique feel to them on Kaladesh. Green has Nissa(s) and a neat energy ramp thing, red has CHANDRA!!! white is white (never been really interested) and blue and black are the boring ol colors in standard that nobody plays. If there could be a new blue/black based theme or archetype, I would be excited, but until then... oh well
  • To be fair, Black has Ghonti who is also starting to see play in silly mono black commander.
  • @strongbelieves I wasn't talking particularly about commander
  • To be fair, Black has Ghonti who is pretty awesome in limited and has some potential for standard constructed.
  • I wish mono-black ramp and elves will come out more.
  • Same @TrippleBoggey3 I LOVE elves and wish they were improved.
  • @TrippleBoggey3

    Mono-black ramp? Are you sure you don't mean mono-black control?

    The most important thing to happen to standard would be for it to be ACTUALLY AFFORDABLE. This includes nuking three and four color decks (I'm fully aware I said gatecrash standard was the best ever, but that was for watching, not playing), and making worse tap-lands and mana fixers. When both the fetch lands and the jango/BFZ lands were in, look what happened. Dark Jeskai, Abzan Blue, and Mardu green all became tier 1 decks, with 5c bring to light sticking around somewhere as well. All the best decks then costed roughly $1000.

    How can anybody afford to pay that much? If you've got thousands of pounds to spend on cardboard, go play vintage and legacy, not standard, which is almost meant to be THE beginning format - apart from casual at least. Even these days, R/W vehicles is often considered a relatively 'cheap' deck, when it costs upwards of £200.

    And then there's rotation. After you've spent hundreds of pounds on these cards, they rotate out, plummeting in price, and you're left there, wondering what the hell happened. I know, because in Theros standard we (me + my brother) made a really good mono-blue devotion deck - all the Nightveil Spectres, Mutavaults, Thassas and Master of Waves we needed. We had finished acquiring all the cards, painstakingly trading and buying are cards there, when Born of the Gods came in, and soon after Journey into Nyx. In Born of the Gods, although nothing had rotated out, mono-black rocketed upwards, and became the best deck - far, far better than mono-blue. And as soon as Ravnica rotated out, both decks were discarded into the trash bin in the corner, as all there devotion-engines were lost. Master of Waves had been going down steadily for a while, and completely lost its value, with all the other expensive cards that had been lost.

    So, spread the hashtag #MakeStandardGreatAgain , people!
  • I had half the cards for my current (Kaladesh) standard deck and it still cost me about $150 to finish it. Stupid Kalitas will never go down...
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