State of Mind

Hi everyone! I'm finally back! (Hopefully. I'm pretty sure I'm back for good though)

To everyone that took part in my last contest, I apologize about that. I'll resolve that shortly. Anyway, onto a new idea: I've been working on a new mechanic, and I want to see what you guys do with it.

Mentality - [insert cost/trigger here if necessary] Reveal the top card of your library. If [insert condition here], [effect]. Then shuffle your library.

This effect can be stuck on an instant/sorcery, it can be an ETB effect, it can even be an upkeep trigger! Now then, onto some rules:

1 - "realistic" art please. No unglued stuff, and nothing that looks like it couldn't have been printed in modern. Oh yeah, I'm also picky about grammar and stuff too.
2 - Well...actually, I guess #1 is the only real rule. Anyone can submit any number of entries. Well, have fun smithing!

Example cards


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