New Titan Cycle Contest



  • (and I totally just realized that this one is "giant" and not "titan"...oh well.)
  • Before I respond, I just want to say it's great to see so many entries, but because of the quantity, I must respond a bit hastier. If there are grammatical errors or general derpy sentence structure errors, forgive me.

    So let's start from the top!

    @Beeswax, Krasis Titan is my jam. Everything about this card feels right, and it's nice to see graft again. It's proliferate cluase is very powerful in the right deck, but is just strong enough in a deck that doesn't use +1+1 counters, so it's a nice balance of power. Solid design. Sunstroke Titan seems decent in a 1 on 1 game, and very strong in EDH. This card seems to thrive in decks that encourage combat and tapping down creatures, so once again in the right deck very powerful, but on it's own seems just strong enough. Another example of good power level balancing. I'm not to fond of the name for Sunstroke Titan, but mostly because it's to close to Sun Titan. Besides that minor nitpick both are great cards and solid designs.

    @Connor2001, Conclave Titan is neat. I like the Fearless ability, though I wish it included menace. Is an amazing mechanic I could totally buy being put into a cycle of EDH cards that played off the other abilities. This card does not have the Whenever this card enters the battlefield or attacks clause, which I felt could have easily been reworded to do so, but that isn't to say I don't like the design. 3 branch counters seems a bit wonky, as I wouldn't see this thing dying 3 times over unless there was a really commited team of EDH players wiping the board and kill targeting it. Still that makes it very powerful, and mostly indestructible, with the additional plus of gaining 2 life each time. The life gain is bar far the best part about this card. Very strong, and totally White Green. I dig it.

    @Legendxp, congrats on making the first colorless dude. Titan of Insert into every Nahiri Deck ever is amazing. It's cool seeing equipment interaction as it's one of my favorite things in magic. I have noticed alot of Giants with first strike for some reason, though that keyword seems appropriate here. The fact that this card retrieves equipment from the grave as well set's this thing apart. Definitely next level, potentially broken in the right decks. Degenerate and me want reallllll bad.

    @Phelgming, Radiant Titan seem's broken, even for Red White. It feels as if it's one uping it's older brother Inferno Titan, by getting a Lightning Helix instead of a whip. Dropping this card is an amazing bomb, basically a win condition, as it lightning helix's on etb, goes to combat, swings, get's another Lightning Helix, then hit's like a truck with 6 damage. This is a total of 6 life gained that turn, meaning it basically has lifelink on it's initial resolve, in addition to haste in addition to dolling out 12 dmg all around. Seems way to good and basically gives Red White a higher costed, better Siege Rhino with targeted removal. What I think can be done to improve it is a few things. First, Haste in this card's current state is busted. If it's going to shoot Lightning Helixs, haste lets it shoot to many. A different keyword seems more suited, but I'm not sure what. Maybe vigilance? I feel like Lightning Helix should shoot only a creature or a player, not both. It seems like it'd be better only if it shot a target player, as shooting creatures seems to convenient and strong a solution to controlling the board, especially with flicker options and combat tricks. Still, the thought of using this card definitely makes me smile. Storm Titan upclases Goblin Dark Dwellers in every way, and again feels a little to strong. I think it wold be powerful, but not OP if it exiled the the spell after casting, but nope. You get that spell you want over and over every turn you swing with it. Way to good, and the exile clause would fix that I think. Otherwise, seems strong. Nice seeing Prowess, fits well in the colors, and art is sweet. Fun cards to imagine abusing.

    This post is to long, so I have to split it into multiple parts:
  • @Shadikal, Wastes Titan name is a bit deceiving, but only because of the recent land card. For some reason imagined a Elderazi Titan before I even read the rest of the card lol. Wastes Titan's first custom keyword has me a bit confused. With scour, does it let you look at your opponent's hand to target the permanent to exile? The graveyard part seems sweet, and flavor wise seems to make more sense, but the hand part has me confused. Additionally, this clause confuses me: "When Wastes Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, return target permanent card you do not own from exile to the battlefield under your control unless its owner pays 2 life." Why not just say from the graveyard, unless this card grabs from elsewhere. I like that when Wastes Titan leaves, he returns all the cards Scoured. Seems like a fair trade off. Conceptually, I really enjoy this card, but I feel it's wording needs to be reworked to be less confusing. Glacial Titan is cool, especially since it has Phasing. Fun times. The Ice counter thing is weird. It's like you created a new Keyword in the form of a counter, except that is not how previous cards with Ice counters have worked, one of the most recent of them being Thing in the Ice. It seems that it would make more sense to just have Ice Titan say: "Lands with Ice counters...", rather than make Ice counters a Keyword kind of. Also depriving people of mana isn't fun, so there is that. Still though, I could see this thing wrecking house in some busted Stasis legacy kind of deck.

    @Termite1, Sea Titan feels more blue than green. While scry is technically evergreen for all colors, it has always felt blue to me. Also the bouncing permanents thing is totally a blue trick. The fact that Sea Titan bounces two permanents feels a bit much to me, and 1 seems alot more fair. The flavor text on this card is the bomb. By far my favorite part, it's creepy, cool, and fits the art and card abilities soooo well. Great build overall, though a tad strong, it's definitely not over powered. I can't technically include Star Titan, but as it stands, a mono white 6/6 flyer with a White Doom Blade is beyond sick, and I need it in my life.

    @RohanDragoon, Titan of the Lost Way is a nice mix up of the naming convention, and still includes Titan in the name so it counts. More Prowess, a mechanic I always enjoy simply because it encourages you to play stuff. Giving all Instant's and Sorcerries rebound seems a little to strong, and I think it should really say something like: "The next instant or sorcery you cast gain's rebound", especially since it's setting up crazy Prowess fodder for the next turn. Still though, wicked strong, and seeing Prowess and Rebound stand tall proudly, side by side, is awesome.

    @Cperson, call Earthbound, they want Giygas back. Lovecraft just invaded this forum and dished out a much needed plate of Cosmic Horror. That being said I almost wish this was a Giant Horror, but there's no denying this thing is Giant. Whoever made this art, knew how to creep me out, giant tentacle things slithering around they eye of Sauron or however you spell it in an abandoned ancient city? No thanks. The only thing I would say on the art is at first glance it looks like a white black card because of the monotone pallet, although it's blue black. On to the card: Persist is a nice touch, and always a fun mechanic to break. This plus Viscera Seer and Melira equals infinite mill combo, so thats nice to see, and it's exile mill, the better of the kind. Also this card is sort of like a reverse Narset the Enlightened, which is really neat. Deep Glade Giant, should end with the word Titan, but I won't be a stickler for the details this time, especially since Dark Sleeper Titan had the word Titan on it. Trample seems solid, but giving all your creatures convoke seems a little to powerful. Weirdly though it's a catch 22, as it could stop you from wanting to swing in with things you normally wouldn't care about, as you may want to use them as a mana source main phase 2. Definitally some unique designs and Dark Sleeper Titan is my definite favorite of the 2.

    Once again thanks everyone for participating, and am looking foward to more builds.
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    Keep on making cards!!!
  • @Zombieswithjetpacks I completely forgot other cards used Ice counters! Also, with Wastes Titan, I forgot the "reveal" clause when choosing permanents to exile from someones hand.

    Also, the "return from exile" clause is just meant to be so that you can take cards exiled through the scour ability, or even from previous forms of exile but not your own. Otherwise it'd be too busted.
  • @Shadikal, now that I read it with the "reveal"clause, it makes alot more sense, and is a mechanic I really enjoy. I may use it on any future cards I make if that is ok. And the return from exile clause makes sense now that you clarify. Hope I wasn't to harsh, I strive to leave constructive criticism on every card entered here.
    @Mobin, while Pensive Titan is mono color, this card made me laugh really hard. It's etb or attack trigger is the funniest thing I have read today, and the art and flavor text bring it all together. I like that it has a custom keyword, Though-Provoking makes this card playable outside of unhinged type decks to, so thats a cool thing to see. Function and humor combine to make an awesome Giant. :D
    @Rednaxela, thanks for posting the Titan Cycle, I probably should have but was lazy. I'm going to copy the link and update the main post to include it and credit you for it. On to your cards:
    Before reading anything but Izzet Titan's name, I pictured Niv Mizzet casting Gigantic Growth on it's dragony self, so another nerdy giggle for today. Flash work's well with it's etb/ attack ability, and really make's this card quite powerful. Feels red blue, is really strong like red blue. A beast. Orzhov Titan feel's way to strong though, but mostly because of the amount of life lost. 4 seems excessive, especially since it's one of those cards that get's stronger the more players are in, so in even a 4 player game, that is still 16 potential life a turn, or incredible board advantage through creature sacs. I'd suggest 1 life, as it fit's well with extort as well, and makes it feel like big brother extort. Perhaps each opponent seems to strong though, but I wouldn't necessarily want to nerf it either, especially if the amount of life lost was reduced. So idk, just brainstorming. As it stands though, still a sweet design and something we'd all love to play with i'm sure.
  • @Zombieswithjetpacks
    No, that's fine. Constructive criticism is something I really like to hear. I don't mind you using the scour mechanic.
  • @Zombieswithjetpacks no problem. And I like how you post feedback for every entry its very helpful.
  • @Zombieswithjetpacks I tend to agree with you with the haste as it grants a massive board swing in one turn (possibly more than a 6-drop should be able to accomplish), but as far as its triggered ability goes, I think it's perfectly fine. The way I see it, there's a reason Lightning Helix is a thing, but a two-mana, instant-speed Arc Lightning is not. This also effectively knocks Lightning Helix down to sorcery speed. That and the addition of a second color leads me to believe its power level is appropriate. Radiant Titan's and Inferno Titan's triggered ability are very different as this is better for keeping you in the game while Inferno Titan's is best for clearing out chump blockers and letting it actually get in hits. It's arguably a better ability overall (the reverse is also arguable), but I'd hardly call it one-upping Inferno Titan.

    As far as changing it, I think giving it first strike instead of haste would work best just because it's something both Red and White get. Also, if I were to nerf its triggered ability, I think the best option would be to reduce the damage to 2 instead of doing anything else.

    As for Storm Titan, it doesn't actually upclass Goblin Dark-Dwellers in every way. For one, it requires two colors. For another, it costs one more mana. For a third, it gives up evasion (menace) for a little extra oomph (prowess) which can be a downside. All things considered, I think the pluses it has on Goblin Dark-Dwellers are warranted as Titans are meant to be on another level of power from other creatures.

    As for the exile bit, I actually meant to include that part of it and apparently forgot.
  • Glad that everyone approves of the excessive freed back :D Also I won't be back on until Monday, but will still respond to everything next time i'm on.

    For the new cards:

    @Ninjapenguin12, Volcanic Titan is sweet. Wither is fun, and the Weaken Mechanic compliments it nicely. So I'm not sure if this is correct or not, but I don't think Weaken targets, so I think it gets around Hexproof and Shroud. If that's the case, seems OP, but like I said not sure how the ruling would work there. This card conjurs images of a Giant Spewing Lava everywhere and causing permanent damage and burns to it's enemies, which flavor wise works great for it's abilities. I really like the design, it feels as if it burns creatures but also in a black mana kind of way. Sweet build!

    @Clank8138, Reaver Titan is crazy strong. Haste and First strike on a 6/6 is really good, but targeting a permanent to sacrifice is crazy, targeted removal each turn is super strong. Top that with two 1/2 skelemans being created each turn tapped and attacking and you have broken stuff. I like were the sac a creature clause is going the most, it feels the most correct out of the card's colors. The black mana is sacrificing a creature, the red is the burn. Perhaps you could try and make that clause the etb and attack clause? The skeleton support is sweet, but I feel like tokens feels off for these colors, as well as floods the board way to fast since they don't leave after combat. Rather perhaps an anthem supporting skelemans? Once again just brainstorming. Vile Titan is also to strong, but I feel not as much as Reaver Titan. Scavenge and Wither together is really fun though. The etb and attack clause is to much. A +1+1 on each creature you control for each land is alot, especially in a ramp deck. Perhaps if it was worded like: "Put a +1+1 counter on X target creatures, were X is the number of lands you control," or "Put X +1+1 counters on target creature, were X the number of lands you control." Even just a "+1+1 counter on each creature you control" would probably still be fine. Hilariously, I would like it to put one on each creature in play equal to lands controlled, so suddenly everything is gigantically huge. That would be hilarious. Sorry for the rambling. The Sac a land ability seems balanced actually. The wording is a bit off, it should just say search for a land rather than a target land, but that's still acceptable. Again, this ability I feel is the coolest, and I think it would be great as it's etb and attack ability. That in gitrog would be brutal.

    My local area is having outages and this took like 5 hours to upload lol due to constant internet issues. So I'm not rereading my stuff due to rushing this post a bit. Sorry if I sound insane or have grammatical errors.

  • Here's my second entry:
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    Here are a couple of Titans for you to have a cheeky look at, I've made them so they are completely different from each other, they may seem less exciting than some of the others as they have less going on, but I'm a strong believer that more often than not simplicity is best, nice and simple, clean cards. I hope you guys like them.
  • I shouldn't have said I'd return on spoiler night lol. So many cards on all ends.

    @Legendxp Cenobite Titan is sweet. New Phyrexia was one of my favorite sets, so I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. Infect on a 6/6 body is really strong, as it has to get through only twice to win the game. The etb attack clause is really good, though I find it funny you could technically put a -1-1 counter on cenobite titan if you were compelled for some reason. It's hard to tell how powerful this effect is. Definitally the -1-1 counters is the most powerful part of this card, but the +1+1 counters makes it shine. It kind of operates like a pseudo -2-2 when you compare creatures to theres. My favorite part is the flavor. The cleric part added is awesome, and the text really funny. Imagining the two Praetors having tea time.

    @kltmtg29, Mindwrack Titan is unfinished. I think you meant to write into their graveyard at the end of that sentence. I'm going off the assumption that you did. Normally I would not allow this, as I said no reentries, but I feel this isn't necessarily a card change and more an oversight/ mind fart thing, so if the end of the clause was going to be putting the cards in the graveyard, I'd be fine with you fixing this. I hope people don't seeing this as me being losey-goosey, and more like me wanting to be able to judge this card on a whole rather than just rules are rules kind of deal and immediately having to disqualify it, as I still took the time to check out mono colored titans despite them not being legal.

    Assuming I think the end clause does what it does, it's a very strong mill creature, and a beater decks of that type would want to pull. Menace is cool, especially since the art has two heads, just thought that was neat. The mill ability may be a bit to high, though im not sure. 10 feels both really high but much lower feels two low, so I guess it's fine. Assuming your playing mill in EDH, its a card that gets weaker in EDH obviously, so thats a cool inverse to see, though that's mostly mill as a strategies fault and not the card. In self mill and graveyard abusing decks however, this is very strong, as it gives alot of graveyard fuel basically as a bonus for a great beat stick. Assuming this is a Fun card.

    Rot Titan joins the fray, with oddly another Wither keyword. I think wotc needs to bring back Wither with all this love I have seen throughout the contest. Not that it's a bad thing, I really enjoy the mechanic and always have. Rot Titan's ability seems a little strong though. Even Sheoldred doesn't get from any graveyard, so I think getting basically her effect but better doesn't feel entirely right. It's a half Beacon of Unrest every turn, and thats unbelievably strong, potentially broken in the right circumstance (game of edh were 2 ppl are playing dredge, ect...) I feel if it just grabbed from your grave, it would be alot less powerful, while still incredible. As it stands though it's sweet, and would fit into my Gitrog nicely.

    @32bitBandit, Adjudicator Titan's Flavor text is basically my favorite from what I have seen so far. Soooooo Azorious, so goooood. It's static ability may be a bit to strong. A worse original Thalia (wierd to have to say that) is still a good Thalia, and that extra 1 may be all it takes from this thing not being pathed, or your next spell not being countered. The fact that then, with both etb and swing this card provides both a temporary Pacifism and an investment of 2 to do the best thing in magic, which is draw a card, add's to the craziness. Still, it all feels so right. The flavor text combined with the ability and the feel of bureaucratic stuff boggling down your spells makes this card feel 100 percent white blue. May be a bit strong, but I love it. Someone get me a lawyer, just an innocent gruul citizen with a club and vendetta, but I ain't done nuttin yet erficer. On to Royal Titan. Again, more great flavor text. As far as the art goes, I don't buy that person as a huge creature but rather a spoiled human. I think it's the shriveled up potted plant next to them. Also that painting would be ****ing huge. Perhaps that is the point I'm missing, so now I imagine some giant city filled with Giant Royal Society admist Ravnica or something. Madness for 4 is great, but may be a bit undercosted. Wierdly I think 5 or maybe even 6 would be a bit better. It's the fact that she, once in play, can discard into more of herself, which is way to strong. Perhaps if the etb or attack clause differed, but I honestly feel like forcing you to discard made this card better. Still, the etb/attack does feel totes Red Black, so points for that. Not sure what to think about this card. Functionally it isn't overpowered, but in the right turn of events incredibly strong, maybe even game winning. Still though, great cards, some of the best flavor so far, and awesome abilities/ keywords, psuedo keywords.

  • @Zombieswithjetpacks Thanks for allowing the fix, it was a mistake. Here is the fixed version:
  • @Zombieswithjetpacks, when it comes to Adjudicator Titan my influence for his increasing the cost of the opponents instants and sorceries came from the best named creature in all of magic and the quintessential all time great of Azorius, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. August is 2 mana less, but I respect the fact that he is only a 2/3 and so very much a control card through and through which tempers his abilities, also 3 toughness is the sweet spot for red players etc. Only affecting instants and sorceries does weaken the ability, but also works with his ETB and attacks abilities as that arrests the creatures that the opponents play for normal cost. I do feel the power level of it is a lot weaker due to the fact that he is a six mana card, when Thalia hits the field turn two she can completely outrun control, but when this guy hits the field most people are swimming in mana, one of the main reasons for it was to give the player an advantage is control vs control counter battles and the like. With his ETB and attacks I balanced it off of Frost Titan, taking into account that he wasn't the best titan himself of course. Detain in place of one of the freeze effects, and when making an azorius card detain followed by investigate felt too perfect to pass up. He may turn out to be a bit too much of a draw engine, he doesn't have the draw power of Primeval Titan, but he's far too powerful so I'm certainly not using him as a benchmark.

    With Royal Titan I completely get what you're saying with the artwork, I like to think of her as this huge woman on this massive throne. Giants aren't as easy as regular humans to find artwork for, and I didn't want to find a giant and base it on the artwork I found, I had an idea and looked for the artwork, but I completely agree that it isn't the most fitting perhaps. I toyed around with her madness cost, but felt that because she forces you to discard when she enters you'll want more mana up ready to madness what she discards, the same way in which the Pale Rider of Trostad is a very powerful 2 mana card, but is never really played for 2. The power of the discard is tempered by it being global, and in the right deck designed for you to take advantage of it of course, a slight homage to the effervescent Liliana of the Veil of course.

    Thank you for your feedback, it's certainly appreciated!
  • @32bitBandit, I see what you about it being much like Grand Arbiter, and I suppose it isn't necessarily Thalia strong, but it's interaction is still amazing. I believe I whiped Grand Arbiter from my memory as a way to push off traumatic experiences, that thing can shut down games.

    Anyway, everyone, thank you for participating, the Contest will end tommorow at 12 PM. If there any entries or anything else you'd like to put up, please do it post haste. The judging will take at a max one week.
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    Ok everyone, Time for the review phase. I am going to be going down the list of each Ravnica guild stating which Titan of that color Combination got my favorite. After I go through each guild, having favorited one Titan of each combination, I will then declare the ultimate champions, giving out a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Thank you to everyone who participated, your all awesome!

    Starting with the Azorius Guild there were 2 Giants in particular in this combination that stuck out to me. Adjudicator Titan by @ 32bitBandit and Protection Titan by @ZendikarIncarnate, heres the links:

    For those who don't want to read long paragraphs, the winning Azorius Titan is Adjudicator Titan by @32bitBandit, and it gets a favorite from me. Here is some rational in my decision:

    Out of all the Azorius Titans what interested me the most about these two is that both used the Detain mechanic, while still doing entirely different things. Protection Titan detains, and then basically detains again. It feels a little odd that the Protection Titan doesnt grant Protection. I ended up favoriting Adjudicator Titan over Protection Titan for a few reasons: One, the flavor text is magnificent. Seriously its the jam. Two, while I'm still cautious about the potential EDH havoc this card could create, Adjudicator Titan does alot of things, and all of them feel Azorius but not broken by any means, while Protection Titan just seems to do one thing, and perhaps to much of it. The detain and investigate mechanic Adjudicator has fits it's flavor so much, which is another reason I really love this card, as it goes full circle.

    Next Up is House Dimir

    Again if you just want to see who won, Mindwrack Titan gets the Dimir slot by @kltmtg29, and Dark Sleep Titan by @cperson gets an honorable mention favorite. Links:

    Again, two Giants stuck out for me: Mindwrack Titan by @kltmtg29, and Dark Sleep Titan by @cperson. As far as flavor goes, I think I really like Dark Sleep, but i'm a sucker for cosmic horror type stuff, so there is no surprise there. As far as card balance goes, I feel like Mindwrack Titan is much more balanced and suited for his colors, and the two heads on a Menace creature was nice art and ability synergy. This was a really tough choice for me, but I ended up favoriting them both actually. I did this because I let kltmtg29 remake his card, but only because it was such an obvious mind fart I didn't want to utterly destroy it's chances, and Dark Sleep Titan is just so cool, but I think probably a little to powerful. I decided however that Mindwrack Titan wins the Dimir slot, and Dark Sleeper Titan gets honorable mention.

    We now look into joining a Cult with the Rakdos color combination:

    There was alot of Rakdos love in this contest, and alot of cool cards. 5 Rakdos Giants made me think long and hard about who should get the Rakdos Favorite. My eventual choice was Mindblaze Titan by @milanaarz. I also gave an honorable mention fav to Volcanic Titan by @ Ninjapenguin12. Links:

    This was a hard one, as there so many strong contenders. Mindblaze at the end of the day felt like it matched up with it's colors the most, providing a discard effect and burn effect in one. While menace makes it's return, the artwork on this card backs up the claim, this thing is scary. Volcanic Titan was very close to getting this, as I really liked the Weaken mechanic, however, this card feels more mono black than black red to me, and thus Mindblaze clenched it.

    Lets get savage with the Gruul Titans, who unfortunately, did not receive as much love as some of the other clans, having only one entry:

    Brawl Titan, by @Faiths_Guide gets the favorite by default, but that's not to say the card is bad. The fight mechanic fits perfectly with it, and while Trample and Haste may seem a bit strong, paired with the etb and attack ability, it's exactly what you'd expect from Gruul, and that is hitting things really hard. The flavor text suits it nicely, "The embodiment of Ire", I'd say so, it looks pissed.

    To Selesnya Colors:

    When reviewing the Titans in these colors I came across one particular that stood out among the crowd. Conclave Titan by Connor2001 gets the win here. Linky loo:

    The Fearless ability is very interesting, like I said earlier, kind of wish it included menace, but oh wells. Its a card that seems very situational, making it either weak or strong, but abuse-able with the branch counters and borkable in the right type of deck. With a sac outlet and or reanimation theme, this card could be straight up scary, netting a lot of life gain. Regardless I feel like it was the most unique of the colors and really enjoyed the design overall, so decided it would get my favorite. Admittedly it feels a bit wonky, but I can't resist the shenanigans this card could create.

    I'm sorry to have to do this, but I am running out of time today and am going to have to split the Favoriting/ Review process into 2 parts. I will post the second half of color combinations tommorow as well as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners. I get off work around 5 so expect it some time around 6-7. Sorry to have to put a hiatuses on this, but posting my favorites and the reason why takes a bit of time. See you all tomorrow for the lackluster conclusion!

  • Boros, Boros!
  • Orshov is always the best except Dimir.
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    So I'm back. So I kind of rushed last night and realized I forgot to mention an honorable mention with Selesnya. Arbor Titan by by @EmpathNaga. I liked this one alot, but it felt to much like Grave Titan. Also I know I technically broke my own rules chosing the Selesyna winner, forgot to say this to, but on a second look at Conclave Titan I was to infatuated. Something about it was so fun and felt super oldschool somehow. Hypocrisy is law, deal with it lol.

    Ok on to the other Guild color combinations:

    Time to blackmail people with Orzhov:

    Wow Orzhov. Lots of love as expected, and holy cow each card is very powerful. Each card had a fun mechanic as well that felt completely Black White. I took some deciding, but Cenobite Titan by @Legendxp gets the cake. While very strong, it seemed like the most balanced out of all the entries, and I do love New Phyrexia, so great build. The flavor is sweet as well, indeed a fitting enforcer.

    Izzet that time? *Hangs Self*

    Honestly everyone this ones is tough, probably the hardest to decide. Check out the link to all three of em cause I really struggled here.
    by @Rednaxela
    by @Lujikul
    by @Phelgming

    Izzet Titan and Storm Titan feel very similar, and both incredibly, incredibly strong in the right deck. I would run either of these as a 1 off in a blue red control burn shell.

    Fluctuant Titan reminds me of a type of person I know. You know, that person who builds a ton of EDH decks and gets the most out their cards. I can see him busting this in EDH or at least having an incredible time, and its a super fun card. In a limited format I would pick this up in a heart beat.

    So the winner here is, Drum Roll: Fluctuant Titan by @Lujikul. My rational: Izzet Titan while not busted, still very strong, and the art was a bit blurry and I dislike the naming convention. Perhaps a bit picky but I suppose things come to this at times. Storm Titan feels a bit to strong, getting instants and sorcerys into your graveyard is really really easy, and I can think of to many spells I would love to recast over and over and over. While Fluctuant Titan compared to the other 2 is weaker, it's still by no means weak. It's a solid body with crazy potential, especially in a coin flip deck this would get crazy quick. All this being said, the other 2 get honorable mentions for making this part of the fav section really hard to decide on.

    Golgari time:

    The winner here is Rot Titan by @kltmtg29. I tried not to give two fav slots away, but when the three contenders were compared, Rot Titan was the least broken, so here we are. Honorable mention fav to Persistent Titan by @ZendikarIncarnate, this cards very cool. It just felt a little to easy to break in my opinion. Still want to play with it though.

    Assemble the Legion with Boros:

    Random Fact, 3 out of the 4 entries in these colors had first strike. The other one had haste.

    The winner here, was going to most likely have first-strike, and it does. Sunstroke Titan by @Beeswax gets the fav here. Some of the other Titans had direct dmg to both players and creatures, and it felt a bit strong. The other dealt with +1+1 counters, which correct in colors, felt a bit boring. I like the theme with this Titan. Sunstroke Titan is a great name, and while it can wipe boards, it's conditional and limited to 2, which makes it feel more like a combat deterrent than a board wipe at times.

    Finally, to the Simic. First off I have to say, sad that Simic didn't see more love, as Blue Green is some of my favorite favs ever to favorite. My Baby Deck, Maelstrom Wanderer, while technically red, really is a Blue Green deck with just some op Red cards to fluff it out. Second off, the winner again is @Beeswax. Sigh, I didn't mean for these things to happen. I didn't pay any attention to names when looking at the cards. Check out the two entries in Simic:
    by @Beeswax
    by @Termite1

    Sea Titan gets a fav as well, because it's crazy cool, but it's to strong. I long for it in my Maelstrom Deck, as if I cascaded into it I'd get 4 bounces. So good plox wizards mak thnx.

    Well thats all the color combinations... but wait! A secret 11th category!? Oh my God! Buw! Buw! Buw! *Airhorns* *Airhorns* *Airhorns*

    Our Contestants:
    by @dashdo101
    by @Mobin
    by @Termite1
    by Legendxp

    I said no mono color, but I had asked for a colorless Titan. Because we received only one entry in the colorless category, but had these perfectly good mono colored Titans laying around, I decided to create the Super Fantastic Mono Colored And Colorless Titan League. Who will live!? Who Will Die?!

    It's @Mobin with Pensive Titan who gets the Fav win here. I asked for serious cards, but Pensive Titan is to funny, and I love it.

    I'm giving each other one a favorite as well however, cause there all cool and you should check em out. Guess which 2 out of the remaining 3 I want in my Mono White Nahiri artifacts EDH deck?

    Ok now for the Winner Winners:
    1 Place goes to @Beeswax. He had 2 strong contenders here, and I picked two of his cards without realizing at first I had. His Simic entry was very creative and while technically a 4/4, his abilities make him a 6/6 and it fits for the design/ theme. His Boros entry stood out amongst the most and felt the strongest and most blanced, with a unique theme to boot. Pm me what 5 cards you want favorited with there links and I will follow you after I post this.

    2nd goes to @kltmtg29. Again, another strong 2 contenders, and 2 favs as well. Both cards feel like there colors, and were solidly designed. Rot contender still seems a bit strong but stood out among the other contenders. PM me what 5 cards you want favorited with there links and I will follow you after I post this.

    3rd goes to @32bitBandit for Adjudicator Titan. He reminded me of traumatic games of magic shut down with Grand Arbiter, and created the best flavor matching function in the entire contest. PM me what 3 cards you want Favorited with their links and I will follow you after I post this.

    Last but not least, 4th goes to @Legendxp for creating Cenobite Titan, one of the few Hybrid Mana Titans in the contest, and a Phyrexian meany, who melted my heart among the white black candidates. PM me what card you want favorited and it's link, and I'll follow after this post.

    Well this took up most of my night, but it's super worth it. Your all awesome, and I'll be back on tommorow to favorite everyone's cards. Because of the nature of the review and judging, I apologize for blatant grammatical errors or anything of the such. Thank you so much for reading my wall of texts and for participating everyone!

    This shows my stupidity, I suck at forums, but uhh.... how do I follow people?
  • edited July 2016
    @Zombieswithjetpacks - you go to the person's card and click their name and go to their home page. In the upper right corner is the follow button

    Also... don't feel bad about the @Beeswax wins... his stuff is amazing and plus #simic4life
  • Yay for honorable mentions! :D
  • Woohoo! Congrats @Winners and @Winner_Winners and @Mentions and @Guilds and @Stuff!

    Awesome job @Zombieswithjetpacks! Great work on the judging here!
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