Winner is the Judge #2 (Artifact or Equipment)

I will host this week's challenge for NicoStoner.

1). The judge cannot participate in the current contest or the next contest (This is to prevent the same people from winning all the time).
2). Cards will be graded based on realism, power (too broken/too weak), flavor, and art.
3). Each contest starts on Monday 12:01am Central Time (-6:00) and ends Saturday 11:59 Central Time (-6:00). This leaves a week for contestants to post their entries and a day for the judge to decide the winner(s).
4). Each person may enter TWO cards per challenge.

This week's theme is artifact or equipment. It can be any type of artifact, including equipment. I would prefer newly made artifacts, or remakes of an artifact you have made before that you felt needed improvement.

Here are some examples.

Underworld Chalice -
Infected Voodoo Doll -
Arcbound Tiger -
Throne of Insight -

The Ending Date is May 23rd (I may end it a few hours early because I have work the next day)


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