Dimir Aristocrat

A while back I made a card called Rakdos Aristocrat. The idea was to make a 10 card set of Aristocrats based on the Ravnica Block Guilds. I was never truly happy with the cards I made for this, and I was waiting for the moment when inspiration would strike, and then I realized that this would make for a great challenge!

We just completed the Ninth challenge for the Boros Aristocrat.

So here it is... The LAST of 10 challenges!

Dimir Aristocrat

The guildelines are as follows...

1. CMC of 3 or higher.
2. Must have at least one blue and one black mana in the casting cost.
3. Should be Uncommon or Rare.
4. Should fit the feel of Dimir.
5. Subtype should include "Advisor"
6. I would prefer the name of the card be Dimir Aristocrat, but that's not required.

The judging will be comprised of Comments made on the cards by other cardsmiths as well as favorites on the cards, and I will also take into consideration your thoughts as well. Any ties will be broken by myself, or a vote.
The reward for this challenge shall be a TROPHY and a custom card of choice! The top three cards will be announced.
The contest ends on June 26th

Here is a recent sample I made


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