Aristocrat Challenge - Dregs of the Grixis

Some time ago, the Aristocrat Challenge made it's way through Ravnica. Ten Challenges were issued, and the Aristocrats showed their influence amongst the Guilds!

Now the Aristocrats have returned, no longer content to hide in the shadows. Your challenge will be to bring these Aristocrats to life!

The third of our Aristocrat Challenges will be The Dregs of the Grixis
Grixis are represented in UBR, with Black being the primary color.

The guidelines are as follows...

1. CMC of 3 or higher.
2. Must have at least one black mana in the casting cost.
3. All three colors should be represented.
4. Should be Uncommon or Rare.
5. Should fit the feel of Grixis.
6. Subtype should include "Advisor"
7. The name can be anything you want.
8. One entry per Cardsmith. Cards can be edited or changed until the last day.

The reward for this challenge shall be a place in the HALL OF FAME, a TROPHY and a custom card of choice! The top three cards will be announced.

The contest ends on March 24th

Here is a sample


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