-Unless its Controller...-

Abstruse Interference, Calculated Dismissal, Cowed by Wisdom etc
What do all these cards have in Common?
The phrase - "unless its controller...pays blah blah bla"

This contest is a simple 3 week run-of-the-mill 'create your best card' with 'certain defined parameters'.

I am not rich, nor have I any special abilities, but I can favorite your cards.

1st Place Winner - 8 other Faves of their choice, glory
2nd Place - 4 other Faves of their choice, less glory
3rd Place - 2 other Fave of their choice, almost no glory
And of course I will be favoring any card that I like. I ask that participants also favorite cards that they like.

--~-- RULES --~--

1- Each spell must include "unless its controller" in the body of the card's text. Counter spells are the most common you see in MTG, but I will be judging on creativity and usage. If you make a counter spell, make it awesome.

2 - Each spell must be stylized realistically. That means no funny/unglued, pokemon, or pop stars. The art must be taken from a previous mtg card, or a digital painting/drawing on deviantart.com or a similar site . Please credit the artist.

3 - Maximum of 3 entries per user.

4 - The cards must have been created new for the contest, or within this past week. (RIP: May 9, 2017-present)

Thanks y'all. Have a great day, get creating!


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