Cardsmith Duels: The Final Battle (for now...)

As you may remember, Cardsmith Duels: Season Two came to a close recently with @Faiths_Guide as this season's winner. Congratulations! Now, @nsm91, Season One's winner (who incidentally came in second place this season XD), will go head to head with the newest smith to join the (admittedly very sparse) ranks of Champion Cardsmith Duelists in a special contest.

Here's how it works: One smith (determined randomly) will make a (BALANCED) creature card. Then the other smith will make a (BALANCED) creature card that is a good counter to the first card. Then the first smith will make a creature to counter the second one, and so on and so on for a few rounds until we have found a winner!

(If your card isn't balanced, I will tell you so and have you make another.)

The rest of you members may be thinking "How obnoxious of MagicChess to post a thread for just two smiths!" Well, don't you worry, because I maybe possibly just realized that I should probably include other people!

If anyone wants to make a counter to a certain card, feel free to post it here! I will choose first, second, and third place winners from among your cards (nice try, @Faiths_Guide and @nsm91). Also, if you feel that a card made by Faiths_Guide or nsm91 is unbalanced, tell me and explain why; I'll consider forcing a re-make.

First place will receive 5 favorites and a mental high-five!
Second place will receive 4 favorites and a mental thumbs-up!
Third place will receive 3 favorites and a mental.... slight nod of acknowledgement? Quick glance in their direction? Hmm...


Let the battle begin! (And be sure to watch out for future seasons of Cardsmith Duels!)


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