Oath of the Paladins

Hey Guys, here is a new contest, based on the holy warriors, paladins. Paladins are warriors that ger magical powers or strengths from gods or other sources and devote to using them for a specific purpose, depending on their oath. They never break their oath, and always follow their nature good or bad (There are bad paladins to!). I want you to make a car that involves paladins, or their oaths.
Some of my own mecahnics you can use:

Oath of Vengeance- Whenever you take damage, (effect)
Oath of Devotion- Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, (effect)
Oath of the ancients- As long as you control the most lands, (effect)

5 entries per person
No joke cards (Humor can be included)

First Place: 7 favorites

Second place: 5 favorites

Third place: 3 favorites

Honorable mention: 1 favorite

Good Luck!


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