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  • @Mellenius

    I like that a lot more. Do you think that Boros should have an equipment-copying archetype? If so, what playstyle should it be in?
  • @NokiSkaur
    I was thinking red aspect requires the creature to be in combat. Mono red would be purely offense while mono white would be defense so Boris can mix both. However creatures that copy such abilities will need a cost to keep equipment on them either when attacking or like I did with upkeep.

    But there of course needs to be enough flexibility to allow it to see play with creatures outside it's set. So a creature that has a triggered ability conditional to gaining abilities from another creature would not be feasible beyond common filler rarity. However maybe Blue and white can have enchantments that attach to equipment allowing them to copy for a price.
  • @Mellenius

    For Azorius, we were already planning on making a midrange Improvise archetype.
  • There is one problem with token artifact equipments.... Parallel Lives, Doubling Season, Anointed Procession (which is in its color pie and standard right now). Having these enhancements can break it easily.
  • @Mellenius

    True, but this will be in its own form of Standard. Fall of Ravnica, City of Ruin, this set, and a followup of sorts.
  • Would anyone else like to bounce their own ideas?
  • @Mellenius

    I think that am three of those cards should specify creature tokens except for Doubling Season, and even that's a stretch in my opinion.
  • Has there been a story written for this yet? I have a idea for a short story involving Gideon.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    The only thing we have for story is that disputes are settled with pit fights and that Gideon can't make the shield.
  • Ok. In the middle of history today, I just had an idea: that the pit fights are basically like ancient Roman gladiator fights, with Emperor Whoever giving a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, and that the pit's edges are - this is random - electrified.
    Oh, and my idea for Gideon was that he can't turn himself into a 4/4 soldier, he's more around damage prevention. He can shield others, but not himself. Thoughts?
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    Perhaps he could be a more midrange-centred planeswalker, rather than just being Ajani. He has never been able to shield others with magic.

    I'm thinking that each colour could have its own trap, depending on who is responding to the fight.
  • Hm... Its own trap you say? You mean trap tokens?

    And maybe Gideon has high loyalty abilities, kind of like Karn, to represent his durability?
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    No, like borders and hazards. It could be a cycle of walls with an Alternate Win Condition if you get four onto the battlefield.

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "High loyalty abilities." Are you talking about how Karn starts with 5, has a +2 and a -11 (I think)?
  • It's a +4 and a -14. Maybe it should start at high loyalty?

    And Legendary Walls? That has been one of my hidden desires for years. Alternate win conditions make me very happy - I drew a Revel in Riches the other day. I danced for five minutes straight. So I like that idea, hombre!
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    I pulled Revel in Riches in my pity pack at prerelease. That could have won me games with my decks. I was 6 and 5.
  • Hey, I pulled it in one of my afterpacks too!
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    There are a few of these:

    Meant for Equipment/Aura themes.

    This would go wonderfully in a deck where you could cheat-attach Equipment:
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    (Earnest Arbalests) That's a pretty good idea, but it might break "Go-Wide" decks in the format. You know much more than me, so I should be in little place to judge.

    I think I'll use Impel, mostly for the design space. It fits the theme, and it could create a few very interesting interactions.
  • Impell seems like a nice mechanic. My only critique would be that it should probably be written as (This creature is impelled as long as one or more permanents are attached to it). This would help avoid confusion.

    What races are here (sorry if I asked already). There's lots that have had an association with equipment in the past or easily could. Leonin, Kor, Vedalken, Vampires
  • @Stormtide

    I want to avoid using Leonin and Vedalken because they feel overused in artifact sets. Otherwise, anything could work in my opinion.
  • How about Noggle? Very unused card type, and they could have a thievery theme, like looting equipment from the dead bodies. Giants could be fun, and centaur seem the most likely green tribe to like equipment. Also, even if they're used a lot in artifact sets, they have a lot of cards that care about equipment which makes for good reprints, and allows more synergy with existing cards. Plus cats.
  • @Stormtide Do you know a good Noggle art source that isn't depicted in any real MtG card?
  • @Stormtide

    There are shifts in species mentality from plane to plane. Lorwyn elves fight against ugliness, while Zendikar elves want to preserve the world.

    I think we could do both elves and centaurs for green.

    Red could have giants and minotaurs, but they can't be too big.

    Black could have vampires and stitched-together zombies akin to Innistrad.

    Blue could have shapeshifters and Golems.

    White could have Angels and Kor.

    Humans would fit everywhere.

    Of course, there would be deviations. This is just an idea.
  • Could we use gnomes? They're not used much, but we'd have to distinguish them from Dwarves. Cyclops seems to work for the world, as do Rhox, and Flamekin. And this is just spitballing; obviously all these suggested rces are too many But here's what I think.

    Kor- Wu
    Giants- WR
    Noggles (if we can find art. Faeries if not)- UR
    Leonin- GRw
    Flamekin- Rwb
    Vampire- BU
    Minotaur- RB
    Centaur- GW
    Shapeshifter- U
    Elves- Gu
    Golem- C

    I figure this could be a diverse world because oldwalkers summoned tons of monsters here to see them fight in the arena. Obviously, this is subject to change. Capital is the main color(s), lowercase is secondary.
  • Also, can we have Gorgons as a BG tribe? One, black and green are the colors that make the least sense on equipment world, so I enjoy making a tribe that's just those colors. Two, I love the idea of them using their statues/ bits of their statues as weapons.
  • @Stormtide

    We could do Gorgons or Germs in Golgari. I'd rather not have any three-colour tribes for representation reasons.
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    So if we do leonin, should they be Gruul just to switch things up? Cats do come in those colors, plus this helps a Nazhan deck be more equal color-wise. Also, I'd prefer gorgons over Germs. I like germs just as living weapon tokens. And what's the flavor og germs on thsi world? We don't have phyrexians, do we?
  • @Stormtide

    Maybe germs are similar to insects on this world?

    I'm thinking that Leonin would be Gruul, Elves and Centaurs could be Selesnya, and Sbapeshifters could be Simic.
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