The Seven Deadly Sins


Hello everyone! Just finished my quarter 1 finals so I have a lot of time on my hand. I’ve decided to shortly come back and host a tournament. I’m hoping you guys will help me and join!

==The Challenge==

We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins. The term originates from the Bible:
“There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.” Proverbs‬ ‭6:16-19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

In other words these are the seven deadly sins:
•Pride (Pride is pretty clear on what it is)
•Greed (I’m pretty sure you all know what greed is too)
•Lust (Lust is the intense sexual desire)
•Envy (Not to be confused with pride, envy more like jealousy)
•Gluttony (We all know what this is)
•Wrath (I don’t think this needs to be explained either)
•Sloth (Pretty much just laziness)

For more information, you may view it here.

Now in this challenge, I want you to personify any one of these sins into a creature. There are some specific guidelines for this challenge:
•The creature’s name must be the name of one of the seven deadly sins.
•The creature must be a legendary creature with a subtype of avatar.
•The creature must be a Mythic.
•The creature must have flavor text that personifies the sin. If you do not know what personification means, it is “the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something nonhuman, or the representation of an abstract quality in human form.” If you do not have space, you may post it along with the card.
•Choose the card’s color wisely. Along with your card, please provide an explanation of why you believe the card’s color best reflects the sin. It does not have to be long, as it just needs to be enough for it to make sense.
•Choose the card’s art wisely. The art should be an animal that would be a symbol for the sin. Along with the card, please provide an explanation of why you believe the card’s animal best reflects the sin. It does not have to be long, as it just needs to be enough to make sense.
•Choose the card’s ability wisely. The card’s ability should symbolize the appeals of the sin, along with the faults it would bring. An explanation would be encouraged, but not required.
•In the end, please just let the card be able to personify the sin, in all forms.

==Additional Rules==

•Any number of entries are permitted
•If you have an old card it may be submitted
•Multicolors are allowed
•The competition ends on November 8th


Undetermined. I am not a fan of giving out favorites and follows as prizes, so very likely I might not hand out prizes. But I still hope that you’ll all still have fun.


Well, just have fun and good luck to all!


  • Note to all: I’ll still only be back for a very short period of time. I’ll try to come back every once in a while but I can’t promise this.
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    Heres my card..... Just realized you said it has to be an enchantment hopefully you'll let this slide?? Maybe??

    The flavor text i made "all it takes is but one coin" is supposed to reference how easy it is for greed to corrupt people.

    I chose the mana colors white and black because the concept of greed kinda reminded me of the Orzhov guild from ravnica.

    I chose the human styled art because greed is a very human concept like i feel like other reaces in mtg are capable of the other sins but greed is more prominent in humans.

    I actually based the cards ability off the flavor text lol.

    Also if you want me to change the card to an enchantment creature i can but ill need some time. :)

  • Also, be somewhat tasteful when choosing art for the "Lust" cards
  • Cool challenge. Shouldn't the card type be just normal creature - Incarnation?
  • Dragon cycle? Yeah.
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    Weirdly enough, I'd already started this same idea months ago! Here's the three I've done so far:
    They don't exactly fit your specifications, but I thought you'd like 'em anyway.
  • Can't wait to see who makes Lust xD
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    Here's Gluttony:


    I went for green on this one, since green has the biggest creatures; red was added since red/greens are usually large, and can get larger.

    I went for a Squirrel as the animal because in MTG, squirrels are MASSIVELY OP, and realistically because they hoard food.

    It's ability is supposed to show how it wants food... And when it doesn't get it, it becomes stronger in order to do so. Also, squirrels.
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    "A heart that devises wicked schemes"? Is that the line that's supposed to be lust? I don't see why that has to be interpreted as "strong sexual desire".

    n e way if someone does make it about sex, art depicting something other than sexy women would be nice
  • @saveria201
    The bible verse isn't exactly reflective of the sins common recognized here. Its just a little history of the first time the term of the Seven Deadly Sins first appeared

    Plus the art is supposed to depict an animal


    Idk avatar seemed cooler though


    I understand that making Lust would be a bit... different... so I'll propose that if you can get that card to be a truly good personification would great flavor and still remain clean, I'll be adding extra judging points.

    Plus, who doesn't love an interesting challenge...

    Side note: TBH I wouldn't really mind how "clean" the card Lust would be. I just wanted to make sure my challenge wouldn't go *poof*.
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    Desired flavor text:
    "Stop looking at your board state...look at me instead!"

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  • image
    I think I'll make a whole cycle of these. I chose a cat because cats are highly territorial animals and don't like to share attention- I know from personal experience. The art also has green eyes- like green-eyed jealousy. I chose mono-green once again because of green-eyed jealousy, and because this is like a reverse Majestic Myriarch.
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    The first place my mind went to when I saw this contest was the show, and I just knew I had to make the goat sin, Lust.


    Flavor text because there wasn't room:

    "The hearts of even the most steadfast are vulnerable when exposed to an aura of complete desire."

    I chose for this card's color identity to be Jund because it's the most self absorbed and most primal color combination. Jund is animalistic, and all animals, including humans, experience lust to some degree.

    This card draws everything to it. If it swings, someone's gotta block. if you can hit it with a spell, then Lust'll be your first target. You just can't help yourself. And, of course, when the time comes to compete for favor, everyone'll be scrambling to be in your, aka Lust's, good light.

    So, why a goat? Goats are the symbol of depravity, and doing whatever they please. As a result, they're used as scapegoats to symbolize all the terrible things about humanity's traits, lust included.
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    "Anger is a killing thing: it kills the one who angers, it kills the others around that one. For each rage leaves one less than one had been before."
  • image

    Left my reasons for choice in the card comments.
  • @TrippleBoggey3 how many cards can we enter?
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    I thought it would have been an interesting challenge to colour balance the Seven sins so I tried different versions. I finally found a way I like where each colour appear three times, which means they don't get the same number of colours:

    Envy — UBR
    Gluttony — GRU
    Sloth — GWU
    Pride — WB
    Greed — GB
    Lust — W
    Wrath — R

    The pattern for each Sin is the following:
    - They are all medium to large creatures that have above-the-curve stats.
    - They have a powerful enter-the-battlefield ability.
    - They have an ability that triggers at the beginning of each of your upkeep that will eventually kill you.
    - They can't be sacrificed.

    I'm not going to do all seven of them, but I did three as a concept proof ^^


    P.S: I did voluntarily skip the animal restriction, I just couldn't find an illustration that matched sorry :/ Sins are really a human thing I guess.
  • Awwwwww...

    I did all seven like a year- Nope. Over two years ago. Ha ha. All regular ol' demons though, not avatars.

    If anyone cares to gander, that's them. Please keep in mind formatting wasn't as pretty as it is now, and my skills at cardsmithery was not as pristine. Ha ha ha.
  • image

    I choose the Sultai colors because they embodied opulence and seemed rather slothful to begin with. Within that scheme the cat demon Rakshasa were a good fit, since cats are often described as lazy. Hopefully the flavor text and abilities speak for themselves.
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  • I went a little overboard with this competition. I also made a bunch of cards that did not relate to the deadly sins, but still followed the same concept. You can find them all here:

    @TrippleBoggey3, just judge the ones that actually have to do with this competition.
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    The animal I chose for this one was a sloth, for obvious reasons.

    I feel that Sloth is the most passive of the 7 sins, because the others are evil deeds committed by sinners, while Sloth is just the lack of doing any deeds, good or bad. This card stops all opponent's creatures from committing good or evil deeds, and if they want to break those bonds they have to give you a bonus.

    I feel like the balance on this card may be a little sketchy, so if anyone has suggestions as to edit it, that would be much appreciated

    Art: Cory Godbey


    Flavor text: "Ooh, shiny."

    I chose magpies for this one, because I think a good greed card should center around stealing things, whether it be life, power/toughness, or permanents and magpies are infamous for being burglar birds.

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