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Hey look! I'm back!

Second of all, and what the discussion is actually about...


A mechanic that I had designed, well, yesterday...

Metalize {X} ({X}, Exile target artifact you control: This creature becomes an artifact in addition to its other types.)

I would appreciate any suggestions, as well as ideas for cards utilizing this mechanic.

Well, here are the cards I've designed so far...



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    For a mechanic like this to work, the cards need to be at the same level as existing cards via stats and keywords.

    The cards you've made seem more geared towards limited though.

    Aside from that, the keyword makes more sense above the triggered ability. Which would make it look more uniform.
  • @modnation675

    Well, I didn't want to make it too overpowered...

    But the second part I'll keep in mind for the other mechanics in the set.

    Thanks for the advice.
  • No problem. Just glad it helps!
  • Giving a permanent artifact type makes it weaker because it can be removed by artifact removal spells. I suggest putting +1/+1 counters on the Metalized creature. It makes the creature stronger, and can avoid memory issue.

    My idea is..

    {Cost}, Discard an artifact card: Metalize N. (If this creature isn't artifact, put N +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes artifact in addition to its other types.)

    It's an action keyword like monstrosity.
  • How about instead of +1/+1 counters it has different affects... like if this creature is an artifact at the end of your turn (draw a card)
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    Counters also help you remember that the creature is an artifact. Monstrosity and renown also give creature another type and +1/+1 counters at the same time.
  • True, then maybe another minor affect like renown. Or it could get a -1/-1 counter and give u bonuses bc usually artifacts usuaylly give u bonses
    Forgive my speed typing
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    I might use the counter idea in one or two of the metalize cards.
    Otherwise, If I were to ever use these, I could just make a "special counter" to place on the creature when it becomes an artifact.

    Also, I made two more cards with this mechanic, this time at common. (I made them before reading Tomigon's advice.)

  • @Undella2
    It's ok if you don't like my idea:)
    Just one thing-"Exile an artifact you control:" is the correct wording. "target" isn't used in the text of costs(the text that comes before colon). But tbh I don't think Metalize should exile artifact if you only give them artifact type. Exiling a permanent is not a cheap cost, and like I said, they become easier to be removed.
  • image

    Here's my little twist of your metallic mechanic!
  • @ManaChrome
    That looks pretty nice.

    I think the hardest part of making cards is finding good art for them, and Myrithe has really good art!

    (It's really hard to find steampunk-y art for the main WUR legend that will be in the set I'm creating).
  • @Undella2
    Fun idea, I see where you're coming from, and I like the idea of both your added abilities and @Tomigon with their idea of counters.

    Also @ManaChrome that is some gorgeous artwork for the card
  • @Undella2 - I agree with @Tomigon. Artifact creatures can be destroyed with more ease than nonartifact creatures, so making them stronger with counters compensates that.

    I used his version of Metalize in this card:

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    Counters might work...
    Though, I don't want to remake all my previous cards...


    Then I'll
    1-Create a card with metalize that buffs other artifact creatures with counters.
    2-The metalize legend will buff other artifact creatures with a static ability.
    3-A normal artifact will put counters on an artifact creature you control when its exiled.
    4-1 or 2 other cards will give a boost to your artifact creatures.
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