Paragons of mtgcardsmith

This ones a quicky. Magic 2015 was the only time that the Paragon creatures was made, and I really like these cards, so I would like to see other cardsmiths on here create some Paragon creatures! Here's the rules:

1. You can have as many entries as you wish.
2. The name of the creature must have Paragon in it or it wont count for this contest. Additionally, the card MUST be a creature for it to count.
3. You can edit the card as much as you need.
4. Be creative but keep the cards as realistic as possible. You can be funny in flavor text but please keep the cards as serious entries.
5. The deadline for this contest is February 22nd 8pm eastern standard time, USA.

Heres the prizes:
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice
2nd place: 4 favorites of your choice
1st place: 5 favorites of your choice and a follow of your choice

Lets see what you guys come up with! Happy cardsmithing! -sorinjace

Examples of what the cards should be like:



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