Ravnica Guilds, Which Guild are you? Guild will win? (Closed)



  • Two days until the end of the contest please get your cards in soon...or notify me if an issue has arisen, and I will see if I can do anything about it.
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  • Ends tomorrow the time is not set...just get them in...no entries will be permitted currently at 12:00 Saturday the 24 for Indiana timezone :)
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    Final entry:

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    @Tigersol, as well as 'The Art of Explosioneering' by the recently late Izzet scientist Dy Zigmosius!

    Thoughts on my antagonistic engineer in the Tournament?

  • If no one has objections to it I am okay with it
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    I got Simic. Sure, why not?
  • YroYro
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    Apparently I am Simic Combine
  • @Gelectrode
    As well as (for beginners)...
    - "Why the Azorius are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Dimir are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Rakdos are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Selesnya are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Boros are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Gruul are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Simic are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Golgari are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Orzhov are so Terrible" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Why the Izzet are so GREAT!" - Niv Mizzet
    - "Mort Fizzlewit's Guide to What Not to Put Together in a Chemical Vial" - Mort Fizzlewit
    - A map showing where the nearest hospital is. - Some guy
    - "Basic Experiments for Beginners." - Mort Fizzlewit
    - "Running the Maze: A Nearly Complete Guide to My Life" - Ral Zarek
    - "What to do if You Destroy Ravnica on Accident" - Willy Movrizzet
  • @Tigersol that is hilarious are you sure none of those were donor memebrs though ^^
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    @Tigersol, as a respected member of the Izmagnus, I object to these falsities! For example:

    - Our glorious guildmaster, most scatterbrained of reptiles, has transcended being pessimistic about the machinations of other inferior guilds. The Firemind sees no reason to bog down his intellect with such trifling matters.

    - The late Mort Fizzlewit has admittedly constructed a helpful guide designed to help you retain bodily appendages, but he has obviously overlooked the potential of putting 'forbidden' materials near people you don't like! Imagine!

    - We respect the medicinal advances of Simic hospitals, but we still are wary of them trying to graft on random fish parts for no reasons. Also, there's reason to fear the 'accidental' implantation of cytoplast.

    - How dare Mort Fizzlewit?! As any Izzet mage should know, there are actually two kinds of experiments. The first kind of experiment is designed to prove something you already know. It’s conducted by replicating a theoretical model in practical environment.

    For example, an experiment can be devised to test whether goblins can be electrocuted by hyperdynamic lightning conductors (as theoretical knowledge says they are). An experiment can then be set up in which we all take turns hurling goblins into hyperdynamic lightning conductors. The result is of course predictable and reinforces the theory.

    THESE EXPERIMENTS ARE BORING. You already know what is going to happen! (And we’re running out of goblins). They aren’t real experiments. They’re checklists of events you undertake to reach an end result. Follow the same steps, and you get the same thing each time.

    Nothing new will ever come of repeating the same old experiments. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. Project managing to-do lists should be left to the Azorius, who want nothing more than boring desk jobs. We’re better than that.

    - The Dracogenius himself has already publicly ordained that Ral Zarek is a loser when he discovered the offending scientists having fun with Nicol Bolas instead of him. Interest in his dry and boring autobiographies about how Jace totally pwned him is strictly forbidden.

    - What to do? What to do?! I object being told what to do by a book that will probably be vaporized as well. When I choose to obliterate Ravnica, I will not spare this Willy Movrizzet upstart.

    How to be a Proper Izzet, by Petr Joura; originally published in 2013
  • Managed to get Gruul, so let's get smashing!
    Maril, lover of the jungle life and big cats
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    I guess I'll round out my entries with a cool legendary creature. Thanks @Tigersol for the name!

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    ah, updating my cards. the previous were... less than satisfactory.

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    Well, I got Izzet. Can't say I'm surprised. The flavor text on the first one is something I say often.

    EDIT: Rebalanced Mezzen.
  • @Gelectrode
    Hmm... that's what I was told to read when I joined. Again, that could have just been a Dimir spy trying to mess with me.
  • @Gelectrode
    Why thank you for bringing Mort Fizzlewit to life!
  • Golgari Swarm

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    My final entry:

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    My second entry will smash the competition!
    And last, but not least ferocious:
    (Maril would love this one)
  • Gelectrode, fellow scientist, welcome to the wonderful world of Izzet Discard! https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/commune-with-madness-1

    Made this a bit ago, but fits perfectly in the Mechanic Synergy, Draw Me Some Cards, and Ravnica Guilds competitions.
  • @Mrbobblehead, felicitations on your stellar entry! The Izmagnus appreciates your pursuit of new perspectives by disregarding typical sane protocol, but the Firemind has ordained that we should stop doing it all the time. Turns out those who have fried their brains are being converted to the boorish Rakdos...
  • This will be judged by at least Friday c I am really busy
  • Is there time on Sunday 2-25-18 to submit anymore entries?
  • I would prefer you not to, but since U don’t really have time to judge idc just if u haven’t started posting don’t start if u have one more go for it @everyone
  • @Gelectrode, The Mezzeneers agree with you, but have a patented method to prevent themselves from completely frying their brains. See Mezzen, the Weird-Blooded's second activated ability.
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    here are the winning guilds...
    NOTE I decided to change awards and the number of winning guilds. This is since all 10 guilds was represented at least once, and the awards seemed rather small.

    So without further ado here are the winners of the Guild war!

    In 1st place we have the Golgari with a score of 4:
    Your awards: I will favorite your cards that were submitted, favorite two of your cards of your choice, and lastly I will follow you.

    In 2nd place we have the Gruul with a score of 3.875:
    Your awards: I will favorite the cards you submitted, favorite two of your cards OR follow you.

    And in 3rd place we have Izzet with a score of 3.84275: I will favorite all the cards submitted, and I will favorite one card of your choice from your collection.

    Please do not lie about what guild you were in...I will check if it seems fishy, but please do not lie. I will find out and your submissions in my next competition will not be counted. You have been warned!

    Thank you for smithing in this competition...Long Live Ravinica...

    (Subliminal Advertising) And New Ravnica - a set that I am working on!

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