25th Anniversary Contest!

I wanted to celebrate mtg's 25th anniversary with you guys somehow, so I decided to make a contest. In this contest, each contestant must make 25 cards, each based off of a different set in mtg history. You then put those cards into a set, which is your entry. As such, you only get one entry, but 25 chances to impress me. Your sets will also be judged based on how cohesive as a whole it is. You are also allowed up to 10 reprints, if you only want to create 15 cards

Please make up to 25 cards based off of your favorite magic sets. Each card needs to have a different inspiration. Please list your inspiration sets.

This contest will end on March 25th


1st: A trophy, 5 favorites, and a follow
2nd: 4 favorites
3rd: 3 favorites, plus the privilege of choosing a honourable mention.
Honourable Mentions: 1 favorite

A list of sets. Please ignore the duel decks.


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