How do you print custom cards?

Hi, I saw the article talking about printing custom tokens, is it the same thing for custom cards in general? to resize the image to 3.48"x2.49" or 63mm x 88mm. or is there something else I have to do?


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    There are some much more clean and professional ways to do it, but for simple playtesting, I just like to print my cards using a word processing program. The standard trading card size (Pokemon and MTG are the two big ones that use this size that have custom card communities) is 2.54 x 3.54 inches. Hope this helped a little!
  • @alexremy - That's pretty much it... print, cut, slide into a sleeve in front of one of those pesky commons that you have way too many of, and play away!
  • Or if you want to be real fancy and have a TON of extra commons, I recommend Acetone. but only if you never want to see that card again. And your proxy will be used often.
  • Thanks my dudes
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