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  • More cycles to use: * Tarkiran Dragonlords (yes, they are technically complete, but why shouldn't there be an enemy-pair-colored five as well?) * The Ikorian Apexes (yes, the same point as above, yes, I hate mutate, but do whatever you want)
  • @dragonbornletter Ehm... this exists: @ningyounk Yes! Very good
  • @fire12 Well, interesting card, but I'm gonna correct you in some points. This does not exactly fit the Beyond-death-God template. If you look at Heliod for exaple here, you can see a few things: * The name is always [Name], [Noun]-[Adjective] * I…
  • If you find another good unfinished cycle for others to use, PLEASE put it into comments, I know they can be difficult to find
  • @fire12 Sweet! You've managed to outsmart the protection spell on the Orb, which is now in your posession! Please take count of your Orbs. For now it is just a mystical glass-like sphere that does nothing, but it will certainly be important!
  • @fire12 Your group has successfully navigated through the mountains. The sense of a strange power draws you to one of the mountaintops, where you finally see that which you were looking for. There, just a few hundred meters ahead of you is a shrine …
  • @CassZero Oh, I understand. Thanks for your honesty and kind words. Looks like the Engineers got lost in the hills... Which leaves just three participants. Don't you dare give up on me, guys xd
  • So. I think the first turn has been completed, so let's move on! Here's a summary of what happened: @CassZero's Engineers have moved along the island and encountered a goblin trader, which they scared of. The group is now on 3.18 in close proximity…
  • @CassZero The trader escapes. Interesting idea you got there, but I'm unsure about implementing it. I wasn't really planning to do something like this and the thing is most of the islands are either absolute wilderness or at least uncivilized. Mone…
  • @CassZero Your journey along the island is interrupted by the arrival of a particular goblin merchant. He is very anoying and tries to sell you his stuff, but his prices are kinda high. He is also interested in one of your robots and offers a suspic…
  • @Level20GnollBard Awesome! The gnolls have gotten rid of the fog and are now on their way to Orb D. Since you've started on 3.20, you end the turn on 3.19 and you will probably be able to reach the Orb next turn. Right now please wait until everyone…
  • @v_OozeNinja_v Thanks. Your voyage - as everyone else's - is disrupted, this time by a flock of too curious birds. How does the cult react?
  • @CassZero Neat little story! Could you please make it into a card to showcase your group's actions?
  • @Level20GnollBard Fair enough! But your little fleet is caught in some mist... Whacha gonna do 'bout it?
  • @Ilmarinen Thanks for the third place! You can fave these, but also any other card you like
  • @fire12 Well done, you have safely navigated throught the turbulences. For future challanges, please keep your cards in your group's color  identity, but this one if pretty flavorful, so I will let it slide this time.
  • @v_OozeNinja_v What is your method of transport? There is sea in the way. The same goes for @Level20GnollBard
  • @fire12 Midway to the island of Orb B your ship is caught in some unpredictable wind. How does your crew respond?
  • Ok guys, we're off! Today was the last day of Phase 1 and from the 1st of August, we are officially in the game. Recapitulation of the participants: @CassZero's Engeneers arriving on 3.18 (east) @FinalMove's Batallion arriving on 3.22 (whichever par…
  • Ok guys, here is the map with all numbers. Each ring has its own set of numbers starting with 1, so the way you will refer to them is for eaxaple 3.12 (meaning "Third Ring - Island number 12). Islands with Orbs are not numbered - they have letters f…
  • @Everybody Another important thing for all the participants - please do not look at my profile during the Saga, it will contain cards that will appear in the challanges, so don't ruin your surprise
  • Anyways, so far we have - @CassZero with his team of Engineers lead by Krass @FinalMove with his batallion of Soldiers lead by Ethmarch @Level20GnollBard with his Gnoll pack lead by Kezzi @fire12 with his Palladin company lead by Syrna @v_OozeNinja_…
  • @FinalMove That's clever, I'm going to work on that
  • @FinalMove There is an image icon on the top bar which you see while writing a comment. You click on that and thaen copy a URL or upload an image from your computer. It used to be a lot more complicated, I'm glad they changed it.
  • @Jeroukoo Well, there's really not much to judge
  • @FinalMove Will you be able to post images of your cards instead of just links? Would be nice
  • @CassZero Yes, you canmake a double sided card and it will only count as a single card. Also Maintenance Robots is a cool card, but could you maybe put the "named" onto another line so it doesn't overlap with the edge? 
  • @CassZero Sure, go for it. Just to note, wouldn't Artificer do? But I have no problems with the Egineer subtype. Also thanks for joining an I'm looking forward to your whole team!
  • @Ilmarinen License? I don't need license! xd