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  • @jpastor made the mono red Beast creature! Can I have another box?
  • @jpastor, completed the retrace card! Can I have another box please?
  • @jpastor Oh cool, just saw the challenge and decided to make a card with my already pre existing one with the rare blue spirit, I obviously chose heist and made a spirit rogue! Hopefully that counted but regardless I fulfilled the rare blue spiri…
  • @jpastor Wow that was a lucky box lol. No card either? I'll take another if I can.
  • @Jpastor Took me a quite a bit coming up with this, I tried to play off of the former card and blacks drain ability. Hopefully I got the text right because a few iterations of this card were a bit wacky. Also I am ready for another box.
  • @jpastor completed the Sun Challenge, and made two of them with my bonus perk. Was tough, wasn't sure what you meant by dealing and gaining life because drain is usually a black thing. Came to my own conclusions with the cards I made though one with…
  • @jpastor made my diamond artifact, hopefully an artifact creature counts! The power/toughness was corrected but not updated at the moment of this typing. Also, I would like another box please!
  • @JPastor, I created my Sphere. Also, not sure how the box abilities work for favorites, but I would like my Runic Warmaiden for the favorite of my choice. Also, I would like another box whenever possible. Thanks.
  • Ok, so it took me awhile to make that X cost green sorc. Noncreature spells are a real hurdle for me tbh, and I worked with other people so I could get the wording right and obtained the effect I wanted out of the card I made so it would be function…
  • Sounds cool, hey @jpastor can I get a box?