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  • I'm new. -looks around sneakily- Prize me up!
  • Renoit the Aloof
  • A creature with fear, using the predetermined art from Dannitolvl. Servant of the Mindblight I'll grab another box off of ya, whenever ya get a minute, please and thank you.
  • Create a spell with X in the ability text, where X is N + something.  Crystalspire Bastille Good sir, a box of your finest mysteries.
  • @ShadowReign I just mean in general. I have no idea what people enjoy within the mtgcardsmith community. I just know whenever you tell someone you like metal and rap (not even worth going into the countless sub genres with them) they usually make th…
  • Create a rare or mythic card with a fortell cost greater than its mana cost. Portend the Scourge @jpastor Question about the playlist. Is there anything off limits or an genres that you don't want?…
  • I'll have what he's having. (Implying another box, please and thank you.)
  • @jpastor Well, since @Corwinnn pigeonholed the story into going the route of the incredibly hard to branch Eldrazi, I figured I needed to add a little bit to shape it differently than what we've already seen from them in the past. But, yeah, I kinda…
  • Create a rare Illusion creature card.* *I do recognize that it said "rare", but I am a d*** and technically mythic rare is rare... I understand if this hampers or disqualifies my entry. Olgamid, Elusive Arbiter…
  • I'll grab; * Prize 319 - Bear Hugs: You may have jpastor favorite 2 cards by another cardsmith. And; A Mystery Challenge: Create a rare Illusion creature card. The favourites I'll give to the person who responds first after my comment. So this …
  • Create a rare, mono-red Enchantment that does not deal damage in any way. Infiltration of Flame A box! A box! My kingdom for a box! (I don't have a kingdom, but I'd still like a box, please and t…
  • Create a monocolored charm that allows you to choose one of two abilities. Ghastly Charm I'll grab another box, whenever you see fit, good sir. Please and thank you.
  • Create a Leonin creature card. Leonin Vanguard I'll take another box, whenever you get a moment, please and thank you.
  • Create a Fungus creature that creates Saproling creature tokens. Ancient Topogolem I'll take another box, whenever you are able. Please and thank you.
  • Wait, what?!?! A theme park ride? Quite possibly the best gift ever!!!
  • On another note, I'd like to take a second to say thank you to @jpastor. Clearly there is a lot of work and effort that goes into this mad creation, and I just want you to know that I appreciate it. Cheers.
  • Create a card with @jpastor's ability, Genesis. * Genesis N - {cost}, Reveal the top N cards of your library: You may put any number of cards with mana value N or less from among them [location] and the rest [location]. Ritualistic Oracle https:/…
  • Create a spell that changes the color of a spell or permanent and has @joemanjoe's Firestarter X {cost} (You may cast this spell for it's firestarter cost. If you do, copy it X times. You may choose new targets.) Belvaia's Grace https://mtgcardsmit…
  • Uftor the Contrarian I don't think it's inelegant if it's a legitimate concern if it was your commander. Made this last year, found it appropriate for your challenge.
  • Create a white card that destroys target permanent. Misjudged Exorcism Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon? No? Then I shall take another box of mysteries, please and thank you.
  • Create an artifact creature that's a Horror. Norn's Missionary I'll take exactly one box. No more, no less. Unless you're done, then... less. Please and thank you.
  • Whoops, I forgot to ask for another box. I will take one at your earliest convenience, please and thank you.
  • Create a creature that allows you to remove counters from other permanents you control. Deccana the Subduer
  • Create an Imp creature with an activated ability that costs {b} to activate. Parasitic Imp I'll grab another one whenever you get a moment, please and thank you.
  • "Create an Equipment card with an additional cost to cast." Horn of Mardoon I do enjoy having others tell me what to make sometimes, ha ha. I'll take another box, please and thank you.
  • The Other's Tale Flee to Victory Faithful Looting
  • No favourites for me, thank you. Thanks for the fun challenge. I enjoyed this one.
  • All right, I guess it's been long enough. I'll grab a box, if you don't mind. I checked out your post and it seems fairly straightforward. Just lemme know if there is anything pertinent I should be aware of, if you don't mind.
  • Plight of the Frost March
  • Oooooh, much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed it, I remember making this thing and I really liked it. Ha ha. And as for me, I don't want any favourites, but appreciate both the contest and the recognition. If you'd like to, I would request to favourit…