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  • 4. Strawberry Fields - Roll on list A or B. If you rolled on list A, also roll on list C. Create a land card that uses the rolled creature types in it's rules text. 6  Bird: Aven (Birdfolk) 5  Assassin Black…
  • @Globert-the-Martian thanks, i will rework the text like this if i remembered You got Rebellious draw card— you may ignore spells or abilities that your opponents control or own that would prevent you from drawing cards. in case somehow your oppon…
  • idk the entry limit so... here it is and also... new keywords! static soul and solid dignity
  • @SPyBondPlays Here is my thoughts cons : -compared to other black tutors like this one you have a limited cards to search with this one (oh, i just see that is not the main reason you put this card to your deck) -there's no black creatures with…
  • Here's mine edit : I just have to add this "broken" commander to the list
  • i haven't made any cards with my keywords but heres my keyword ideas Global - if this creature is your commander, this ability (usually static or trigger) is applied to the field (regardless the position of the commander) Rebellious - you may do …