Maturing Mythologies!

15 incredible art pieces I've stored (from the now 2-book series Baby Bestiary) have come from Rudy Siswanto (some of which can be found in that "name-link" also PLEASE check out their Kickstarter project: ) and I'm attempting to use my custom mechanic Mature on all/most of them.

This is where I will house updates for my growing set: Baby Bestiary!

First Published design using the revised (heavily tooled) keyword Mature:

The people that deserve at least a lion's share of the credit are @Beeswax, @Tomigon, @Memnarchitect, @Cryptonight, @saveria201, & @Platypusburger my personal (and totally willing volunteering) custom mechanic design team!

More to come! Stay tuned!


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