Favorite Bulk Rare/Mythic?

As we all know, there are plenty of cards that you're disappointed to see as your pack's rare card, like Prognostic Sphinx. I've opened 6 of those guys when M15 came out. :/ Luckily one of my friends liked those and traded me some actually useful cards for them.

Fast forward to Khans, and my friends opened up Hardened Scales, and when I saw it I fell in love and declared I would buy it for $5. Wasn't even foil. Didn't care, still don't, and its been the center piece of 4 of my recent deckbuilds in both standard and modern, winning me a few FNMs. Now that Dragons is out, my Hardened Scales deck has been tremendously boosted with Inspiring Call, Avatar of the Resolute, and Servant of the Scale. Swinging in for well over 60 damage among 3 creatures is a common occurence. And its a BUDGET deck. Still my favorite card.



  • I run a Legacy Myr deck with almost all artifacts, and I have 3 best cards. First, Myr Battlesphere and Mirrorworks. Using just those two, I can have 10 creatures out for 9 colorless. And best for last, Darksteel forge, which is one of my 5 win conditions. All artifacts are indestructible. While its price may be high, its easy to pay for with my Myr galvanizer and Myr palladium combo.
  • fathom mage for my simic evolve deck
  • Courser of Kruphix. When you run three Hydras, Hornet Queen, Mindswipe, and so on, you praise it.
  • I just got the Zendikar vs. Eldrazi, and the Eldrazi is OVERPOWERED. My favorite in it is probably It That Betrays, definitely a keeper.
  • I definetly liked Hero's Bane because it is a hydra that you can make it a 1000/1000 without paying a bunch of mana at once.
  • My first favorite card that I own is Master Biomancer. Period. Im still scratching my head of why it isn't $20 or more because I win so quickly with that card.

    My second favorite card is probably Gyre Sage. There are some pretty bonkers combos you can do with that card (such as Master Biomancer!)

    My favorite card I DON"T own is probably Snapcaster Mage just because I am such a fan of Izzet (and Simic!). My friend owns a cube and since we drafted 6 cube packs for the entire draft, my Izzet deck was undefeated, mostly because of my Snapcaster shenanigans.

    In case I get a full art Misty Rainforest, I'm selling that and getting 4 Snapcasters.
  • I hear that's a little over extremely difficult, since Expedition lands appear slightly less than a foil mythic rare, so...
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    I have had a lot of fun with Goblin Kaboomist in my R/U artifact deck. Sure it's generally a terrible card, but that moment you have 6 land mines out and your opponent can't do anything is hilarious. Throw a Ensoul artifact on your land mines for some fun as well.
  • @gelectrode, Izzet is amazing. I have an Izzet deck which is awful and I have Gelectrode (:.
  • My favorite card is probably Jorga Warcaller. Um, two fricking INFINITY/INFINITY'S on turn 3!
  • My Fav is definitely Voice of Resurgence. Got it in my first Magic booster pack EVER.

    Also, why the hating on Prognostic Sphinx?
  • @damnation, i was at a draft and this guy drafted an expedition and DIDN'T take it. Then the next guy lost it within an hour.
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