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The MTG Cardsmith User Tournament (Wonderful Prizes)


Welcome to the MTG Cardsmith User Tournament!
To start this contest we will need 32 users and once we hit 32 we will start.
So if you are interested please say "i'm in" or something like that.
What is this Contest about?
you might be asking.
Well, here:
So once the 32 users join, I will randomly put them into pairs (with random number generator). ex: @guy1 vs. @guy2.
Those pairs will have a week or so to post up to 3 entries, and when that week is over I decide who made the better card for the category I decided for them.

The winner will move on to the next round, and so on, until there is a winner.

Since this is gonna be a pretty big contest the prizes are also gonna be pretty big.

1st: 5 favorites, a follow, a Trophy, and a place in the Hall of Fame. (MAX Prize)

2nd: 4 favorites, a follow, and place in the Hall of Fame.

3rd: 3 favorites, a follow, and a place in the Hall of Fame.

4th: 2 favorites, and a follow.

Quarter-Final Prize: 1 favorite.

Users currently signed up: (32/32)
1: @TrippleBoggey3 2: @Lujikul 3: @Rednaxela 4: @ShadowKnight1224 5: @theimmortaldeath 6: @kltmtg29 7: @unicornsareevil13579 8: @Wackosaru 9: @TastyCheez 10: @LyndonF 11: @Mnemosyne 12: @FatCat23476 13: @Gunnarinator 14: @MaverickGV 15: @ArienStorm 16: @Dracomancer343 17: @KimJongMartin 18: @Faiths_Guide 19: @JAM 20: @DomriKade 21: @Tesarand 22: @IanLowenthal 23: @Nicholas_Bolas 24: @Arceus8523 25: @Butters 26: @Death_Methods 27: @Beeswax 28: @pewnd 29: @dudemantheguy 30: @Gryphon11114 31: @jchen5012 32: @UndeadZombie22


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