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Contest Overload? Overload contest. *Circuit Challenge*

The second card I ever favorited (and one of the few cards to hold a permanent place on my favorites list) is this:

When it was made, it sparked a lot of discussion. Obviously, WoTC only ever printed the mechanic Overload on instants and sorceries and only red and blue ones at that. It was the Izzet mechanic from RTR so they had a a pretty limited design space and couldn't show off everything it could do. Interestingly, they left the rules for the mechanic open to massive potential:
“If you chose to pay this spell’s overload cost, change its text by replacing all instances of the word ‘target’ with the word ‘each.’”
Because of how text-changing effects work, that means it can be used on any spell, including permanents. Migoi, the example above, is a totally legal card using existing rules. The other thing is that while all WoTC cards and Migoi are worded to only impact things you don't control where the rule itself could conceivably be used with wording to form all kinds of different limitations. The example I made below is worded so that when overloaded, the only thing it doesn't hit is itself, meaning your own creatures die as well:


  1. Make a card that has overload. It must be a spell and can otherwise be any color (or colorless) and any type of spell.
  2. Make a card that is realistic and playable. No jokes, nothing that couldn't be printed in a MTG set.
  3. Two entries per person. You can edit your entries at any time until the contest is closed.


All entries will be given scores in the following categories and then totaled:
  1. How well it uses Overload: X/10
  2. Creativity: X/10
  3. Balance: X/10
  4. Formatting/Art/Misc: X/5
Total Possible: 35


The top three cards will be picked from the entries. Additional honorable mentions will depend on how many entries there are.
<rant>I explicitly do not offer favorites or follows as prizes because I think it devalues the idea of picking cards that are actually your favorites. When you have hundreds of favorite cards, you may as well have none.</rant>
1st Place - At least three custom cards made for you with your restrictions/specifications. Additionally, if you need help with balance/wording, are working on a set and need some cards made or need ideas, I will be glad to help.
2nd Place - Up to two custom cards made for you to your specifications and restrictions.
3rd Place - A custom card made for you that synergizes with a card of your choice.

For each of the winners, I will also look through the last few months of your creations to see if there are any cards I would favorite.

This is now part of the January Circuit Challenge!
1st Place will garner 2 points
2nd Place will garner 1 point
3rd Place will garner 1/2 point
What is the Circuit Challenge?


Wednesday, January 18th around 10pm EST
Judging will be finished within 2-3 days of the contest ending.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarifications. Good luck!

*Now a part of the Circuit Challenge
1st Place will garner 2 points
2nd Place will garner 1 point
3rd Place will garner 1/2 point


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