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Dual Lands

Pretty simple; make a dual land. It can be a simple Thornwood falls with really good flavor text, or it can be a card that changes the way I look at lands FOREVER (Probably not going to happen.)
(In case you didn't know: A dual land is a land that can get you two different colors of mana. Example:

No swearing, nudity, etc. (Not that it would be in a land...)
Maximum 3 entries per cardsmith.
Must be a land. (Duh.)
The land can get you as much mana as you want. (Gruul Turf)
Try to make it look professional, but I wont count wording errors.
You may use old cards.
Don't make it overpowered. (Tagia is considered overpowered

1st place: 5 favorites + follow
2nd place: 3 favorites + follow
3rd place: 2 favorites + follow
Honorable mentions: 1 favorite. (No follow ;( )

Contest will end by April.
If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to ask.
Good luck


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