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Custom Card Cube

First of all if you are unaware of what a cube is watch this.

I want to make the most of my premium member ship and make a custom small card cube (360 cards). I will put all card sI like in the set.

The first five people who enter get to chose a featured mechanic or strategy.

1. No maximum entries, but don't spam.
2. No mythic rares.
3. Cards must be supportive of one of the mechanic or strategies that the people chose.
4. Make all colors balanced.
5. Don't make any strategy or mechanic to overpowered
6. Don't spam rares

The number of cards will be

Blue 60

Black 60

Red 60

Green 60

White 60

Gold 30

Colorless 30

1st: 5 likes and get's to make mythic
2nd: 3 Likes and get's to make a mythic
3rd: 2 likes and get's to make a mythic


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