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Sinivir Block (Block creation game)

Ok this isn't so much a contest as it is more of a game. I want people to get together and to try to create what would be like a new block using cards they create on here to tell it's lore (which is to be determined.) Basically the idea is to create an ongoing story using cards made by you. You can have free reign to how your card adds to the lore, it can be a place, a person, an event. At first it might not be needed as much but later on it will probably become somewhat of a requirement to look back at previous cards to know the story in order to make it fit well and not have drastically different things so that the transition makes sense. However for now there is free reign on where it can go.

Here is the map we will be using.

Information about the current lore will be kept here for now:

If there is anything in the lore that I missed you can send me a private message. If I am not online at the moment I will get to it the next time I am online and when I see the message.

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    May you give us a very general story to start with? or a map? Otherwise, this seems like a worse version of KJMartin's worldbuilder challenge.
  • @modnation675 oh i didn't have that really in mind but i guess i could draw up a brief map to get it started
  • No problem, it's just hard to get people started without a reference.

    Given this challenge's theme, I would've put it into the Contests and Challenges category. Specifically as it's more reliable to get participants.
  • @modnation675 Should this map have just like names of continents and areas or would you suggest having major cities marked also so that people can just create the lore around them. I was thinking of just labeling natural landmarks but whatever will make it easier.

    Plus I was thinking of maybe having a post somewhere which will be updated with a synopsis of the lore so far so instead of reading every single card someone posts on here you can just go to that one post and read the basic load down.
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    You should just find a map online similar to how KJMartin did. This gives a stronger focus point.

    As for the synopsis, I agree if you have the time and could update it more consistently that it's a great idea. It just depends if you have someone who has the spare time.

    From past experience the lack of a synopsis was one of the most challenging issues. But you also should get an existing map from online. Otherwise, you'll come into difficulties.

    Here are the ones used from the last two worldbuilders as examples of what people will be looking for in quality.
    Worldbuilder 2
    Worldbuilder 3
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    @modnation675 well the map I got is not as detailed as that due to the fact that it covers a large area (basically the entire plane.) And I can give some basic info about the plane. The more detailed stuff is what is meant to be made up in the cards submitted.
  • Whatever works for you. Just remember that you don't need a map much larger than the Namarune one. Otherwise, it's kind of limiting.
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    Here is Oceanus, God of the Seas. His favorite pets are the Kraken, and having them around brings him such joy, that his power radiates to those who share a bond with him.

    Perhaps there are some other gods in this world?
    This is a rough draft, most likely it will change when I've had some sleep!
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    I will say yes there are other gods.


    Y'vela is a majestic being with a hyper intelligent mind and is the guardian of those who live and travel through the desert.


    Sandworm Token


    And i made a basic land plains for this block
  • @modnation675
    How do you make those maps? What site?
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    I didn't make them, but I can give some examples of ones I found earlier. It'll just take a bit to reference our search history.
  • Count me in, cards and lore incoming.
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    Here's a list of the best maps I could find so far. (No specific order!)

    (Only use these if they feel satisfying!)

    Map A,
    Map B,
    Map C,
    Map D.
  • The custom map makers are of larger areas because they generate entire continents and stuff, altough i find small maps like this limiting because it restricts your creativity I guess I can't complain too much. Oh well have to work with it I guess.
  • @Archergirl2000, I left a comment on your god card.
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    The area around the Sapkur Volcano contains valuable minerals and gems, but there is more than just lava to fear here. Bands of raiders and rogues wander here, seeking treasure, or those with treasure they can take. Some even extract payment, promising to allow safe passage only for those who give them bribes.

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    Nevermind, I just saw the small image
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    @Modnation Is it not the one at the top, under the heading "Here is the map we will be using." ???
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    I just noticed a moment ago, it's just so small! XD (I was editing the prior comment.)

    Thankfully, it has a higher resolution than shown.
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    I wasn't trying to be rude, it was a genuine question. You had me second guessing myself, haha!
    I was concerned because I used one of the landmarks on that map (the volcano) to name my creature design.
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    Yea the pic is small cause its a link to the image.
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    Here's some story to make this world a bit more alive. I'll be using locales found on the map, if it's okay.

    The Tapoban Sultanate is in turmoil: the late Sultan, Iphram the Third, is recently deceased. His two older sons, the twins Iphram, fourth of the name, and Kaleb, find themselves fighting over the vacant throne of Bagbar. Their younger brother Jaleem and their sisters, Ravelia and Ishaan, watch in horror as a blood feud erupts.

    Kaleb slays Iphram, and, to ensure his rule, sends assassins after his younger siblings: Jaleem and Ishaan are killed, but Ravelia escapes to the city-state of Sukram. But another claims the trone: Lakir, the late Sultan's bastard son. He challenges Kaleb for the right to rule, and slays him in a duel (That's the last one I swear).

    The late Sultan's council however is not idle: Councillor Valik, Iphram IV's closest advisor, quickly has Lakir's troops pushed back into the desert, and establishes a new rule over the Tapoban Sultanate. He rejects Ravelia's claim to the throne, as the heir must be male (hello Middle-Ages).

    She does not stand defeated however. In Sukram, she musters her troops, ready to take her throne back, while Lakir, in the dead city of Ptem (bottom-left corner, I'm not sure if it's written Ptem), rallies a ragged host of desert brigands, ands broods on his vengeance.

    @Finmide I hope this fits in your world's fantasy. I'll be making cards for Ravelia (white/blue), Lakir (white/red) and Valik (blue/black). Of course everyone is free to spin off this story any way they like, and make cards for the factions if they wish to. I'm off to sleep now.
  • Size of Map increased!
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    Since the bible contest is over and we have gods on/for this plane, here's a card with a moral quandary to it. We can't stop with the philosophy.

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    A few characters:
    image image image

    And one more god:

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    The Nung, inhabitants of the low-populated Isle of Nung, were once involved with intercontinental politics and war, but now after 50 years have remained neutral. They have always been known as great builders, bankers, and inventors, dealing mostly with non-magical inventions and defense. Though peaceful, the cities have become overrun by bands of traitors (called the "Oncetime Vision") who live as robbers in the mountains and forests, plotting to take down the peaceful republic and go back to a free, and wild state where nature rules, not man. Though the robbers use artifacts and constructs to their own benefit very hypocritically.
    The Nung deal with artifacts, uncolored and red, while the opposing bands are generally green and non-color. ( I have formatted the artifact creature cards to be colored as artifacts though they cost colored mana as a personal choice for the Nung. If you don't like it, that's fine, I would have liked something like the Kaladesh card color)
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    @ASubtleGhost The flavor text on Ravelia, Jewel of Tapoban says "Ravelia while guide us" instead of "Revelia will guide us".

    Just thought you should know

    and it looks like the city says Rirn when I enlarge the map.
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    @ASubtleGhost Well I'm going to jump in on this plot. If you don't mind. I made this card assuming you wanted Ravelia to become Sultaness (I'm guessing thats what you call a female sultan.)


    While in hiding in the desert Lakir had came across Y'vela. Y'vela telepthically communicated with Lakir delivering some unsavory news which he quickly rejected.
  • A worldbuilder you say? Consider me intrigued!
  • @Finmide does this Block or Plane have a name or something?
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