Riders of Scara

This is about my custom set, Riders of Scara I will be posting details over time.

First of all, I'll speak about some basics!

Firstly though I want to say that this is set after the fight against Nicol Bolas, and Chandra planeswalked here to escape.

Welcome to the plane of Scara, consisting of the 10 provinces of Stryx, Vex, Amira, Kazok, Fireich, Tris, Elest, Piria, Nyra, and Ghis. While the cultures of these provinces are very different, there's one thing they all share in common, and that is the bond they share with dragons. Whether they can ride dragons, command them, call for them, heal them, kill them, utilise them, or anything else, everyone is bonded to the dragons. And each province has a citadel named after the province itself.

Today though, I want to talk mainly about Fireich. The province of Fireich contains Red, Black, and White mana. The inhabitants are Flamecallers. These are pyromancers who are bonded with dragons, and embrace their flame openly. The citadel it built into a volcano, as are most towns and cities. When Chandra planeswalked to escape death, sje found herself in the citadel of Fireich, having to explain herself. At first she lied, but they saw through it.

After explaining herself truthfully, and talking them about her past, Chandra was told to make a bond with a dragon. However, all of the dragons were scared of her flame, due to its power.

After having no luck, she was told of a powerful dragon. The dragon was Estrir, who was the only creature who could survive inside the citadel volcano. It slept deep in its core, undisturbed for thousands of years.

More details to come.


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