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Movie Monsters Set

Whenever you create a card themed after or based on a movie/show, a scene from a movie/show, a creature or character from a movie/show, feel free to post it here. I want to have a set full of the best versions of these types of cards. I can't make the best Godzilla card (for example), but maybe you can or maybe you already have? I will follow anyone who creates one of these "best version" cards! I take requests also.


    I know this is more of a satire of kaiju movies, but the card is basically a satire of the crazy shit Blue does too. Hell, Rob Zombie would make a great satire of black.
  • image

    Made this Godzilla card for a dinosaur challenge!
  • I have a math formula on magic balance and this goes way over my number ratio, but considering the mana cost I guess all bets are off.

    For example I rate Annihilator a 2. Probably the highest there is. Double Strike and Infect float at 1.5. Poisonous progresses in increments of 0.5 per Poisonous X.
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