Greek Magic?

Amonkhet was a chance to put a MTG spin on Egypt. Why not do the same for Greece?

Each smith may enter up to:

- 3 Lands
- 1 Planeswalker
- 1 God
- 3 Creatures (Legendary or not)

Prizes are bragging rights, judging is on 3/1/18 (Might change depending on number of entries)

Good luck!


  • @TrumpetGaming, the Theros block was based on ancient Greek mythology. Are you referring to modern Greece instead?
  • What I meant was, like, take a Greek Hero/Monster and make a magic version of him/her/it
  • They sorta did that...
  • Achilles? Hercules?
  • Here is a list of characters you could do and how they relate...:
    Agnomakhos: he is a spin-off of agememnon seemingly; he fought against our friends the gay couple and lost
    sry this is short I couldnt find many but this next list
    ...At least he is mentioned on the wizards page some that have already been done are:
    Kydele: even there is a weaver with spider webs I will get to her...I believe that Kydele is supposed to be one of the fates...seeing the future and knowing the truth
    Ravos: he could be Orpheus leading people out of the underworld (including his loved one) or he could be the guy who leads people across the river (name? i forget) though the second one I doubt it is most likely orpheus
    Tymna: she could be a fate or more likely in my opinion she is arachne...honestly though this one is probably a fate seeing as she is blindfolded, but I prefer arachne
    Tymaret: I know he is based off of someone I just cant remember who
    Anax and Cymede: I know that Cymede is definetly Helen but I cant decide if Anax is menelaus or paris
    King Macar: obviously Miacus (spelling) the guy who turns stuff to gold
    Polukranos: he is the hydra from...I wanna see Herucles challenges, but it might be prometheus's
    Triad: These are obviously the I dont know why they have so many of them bc there are only three and this fills it up. So maybe Kydele is something else.
    Hythonia: she is medusa
    Tromokratis: is the kraken from Odessius's adventure I am pretty sure...if not it is someones elses adventure
    Medomai: Medomai is the sphinx from the tradegy of Odeipus
    Anthousa: I think she is a disciple of the Greek god Athena, but I wouldnt know the exact character
    Daxos: he is hercules according to mtg wiki he helps elspeth slay the hydra becomes, (and becomes her lover! ^^) but more importantly the hydra is one of hercules trials
    Hypatia: Perseus
    Iris: either she or Kydele is the oracle of Delphi idk who
    Kedarick: this guys stabs his eyes out he is Oedipus
    Kiro and T...: out gay bros our based off of Romulus and Remus, as I am led to believe

    If you look up secondary characters you can find some of these...some of them I didnt know how to answer and sry for has been a while and some I just dont know exactly but I recgonize

    Hope this helps :)
  • Achilles I could not find though nor Hector
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