Darkness your friend - make a good-aligned Black card

Several times there have been sets that showed how white magic can be associated with or even the source of evil (New Phyrexia and Elesh Norn etc).

All the other nonblack colors too have at various times representations pretty clearly aligned with goodness or evil.

But there are quite few black cards that show black magic use associated with goodness. Maybe because black's association with selfishness can be difficult to present in a positive way......Sorin Markov when he stuck around to save his home plane...Toshiro Umezawa sort of? Liliana fighting eldrazi....

So I'd like to see more of this, black cards attempting to represent something or someone good! Not just neutral - actually good.

*~ RULES ~*
1. Cards must be mono-black
2. Cards can be any type or subtype
3. Up to 5 entries per participant
4. If you enter only one card, it can't be an old card, but if you enter two or more cards then one of your entries can be an old card. NOT more than one can be old
5. Flavor, mechanics, abilities, balance, proper formatting, art selection all matter and will all affect your chances of winning
6. Please no joke cards, at least make it feel like it'd fit in the mtg multiverse
7. You can remake or replace your entries as many times as you please before the contest ends.

*~ TIME ~*
Contest will end at midnight on Sunday, April 8. Judging will start right after, with goal of results posted that same week

*~ PRIZES ~*
1st place: 1 month premium subscription!!!! ~or~ 7 favorites of your choice
2nd place: 5 favorites of your choice
3rd place: 3 favorites of your choice
Honorable mentions (2): 1 favorite of your choice

*~ ADVICE!? ~*
...Good virtues of black? Black is a color known for its blatant honesty. It doesn't typically lie or deceive itself or others about its true intent unless combined with blue. Black offers a clarity of internal motivation, i.e. "I love my self/lover/family/village/plane and will go to any length to protect and preserve them." That motivation isn't as easily corrupted, in my opinion, as say a white aligned holy figure forcing order and dogma for their own sake. Black may be almost always amoral, but it isn't necessarily immoral in each case.

So........HAVE FUN, be creative and good luck!


  • @saveria201
    Oh, this is definitely something we'll have to make some cards for! :)

    Question: May the cards be multicolored or just monocolored?
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    @modnation675 mono-black this time, I want to see what people imagine a good-aligned pure black magic user or item would look like! :D
  • Okay, just making sure.
  • Sry forgot to add, no joke cards please. And entries can be remade or redacted and replaced any time before the contest ending date.
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    "A card expressing how sometimes the blackness is symbolic of our light."

  • Ooo some interesting entries coming in! Nice job, I can't wait for more!
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    1st Entry
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    2nd Entry
  • edited March 19
    We decided to make our second card a bit early, so hopefully it's (good?).
    We decided to make our second card about the parallels between negative actions from parental figures affecting the way children perceive behavior in their innocent state.

    I'm assuming this is the meaning behind what @saveria201 is looking for. Otherwise, I'll exchange this entry for another that is less emotional.

  • @modnation675 Hmm. I think it fits the contest, in the way that a young character like Draco Malfoy would definitely be black, and informs how they think and behave, in this case as a deadly creature reacting to violence around them, but is innocent themselves and so still aligns with good.

    Anyone else if you're unsure about whether a card fits the contest or not, tag me and I'll let you know if it fits.
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    Fewphh, for a second I thought the card felt too real. I'm glad I removed the detailed description.

    Edit: Might swap out the card later so that I can make another card.
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    I have no idea about "good" or "bad" creature cards unless there's a comprehensive backstory in those characters.

    So, just gonna drop it here just for lulz.

  • @sanjay666 most cards in mtg probably fall into some neutral alignment since yes they don't have much back story or flavor that leans either way. But flavorfully and sometimes in their abilities, its possible to tell what alignment the card's creators intended to show off in select cards. I feel black definitely gets the fewest "good" cards in this way of any color which makes sense.

    The puppet lord you made feels neutral not only because of a lack of backstory though - it doesn't kill creatures on the battlefield nor exile the creatures in the player's hand. It just summons caricatures of them.
  • @saveria201 any chance we can get more than 2 entries?
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    @saveria201 Well, if you say so... gonna make another cards then.
  • Here's a group hug creature instead.

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    Here's my entry. Sorry, I don't know how to show the image of the card, only the link.

    The vigilantes of Safehold may use brutal tactics to hunt down criminals, but they ultimately keep the streets free of crime. They are followed by novice assistants who, attracted by the heady scent of fame, are devoted to their leaders and will sacrifice their lives for them.

    The vigilante guild of Safehold has a strict code of conduct and the motto 'the City First,' which its members follow without question.
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