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  • Mrbobblehead
    Thanks for the criticism on Death's Dawn. I agree that the Spirits should be smaller, just not 1/1. Maybe 2/2?

    As for the wording, it would work, but I couldn't think of any other way to word it and still get the desired effect.
    July 2018
  • sorinjace
    Haven't heard from you in quite some time, kinda miss your constructive criticism. I feel like I upset you or something because I haven't heard from you in so long. sorry if I did at all! How have you been? I am currently judging the cards of mtgcardsmiths contest it will take a while to post for me, there was a lot of entries, and I have 2 contests going on currently: Lickity Split! and Summer Cartoon Challenge which will run for this summer. Lickity Split will only be until the 18th of june. Anyways update me on your contest(s) and I will check them out in case if I haven't already since there is so much going on here on the forums, and I will swing by to check your cards out and favorite some to let you know I was in the neighborhood checking out your work. Hope to hear from you Kalam! ttyl - sorinjace :)
    June 2018
  • sorinjace
    This is just a friendly reminder, my two contests, "The Owls Are Gathering" and "Deliver Me Slivers" contests come to an end 3-05-18 8pm usa eastern standard time. If you have time and may want to come up with an entry, feel free to do so. Thanks for your interest! If you have already, thank you for your submission and good luck!
    March 2018
  • Welcome Aboard!
    December 2017