I put the H in Dragon

Hello and Welcome to... A thing?

In the past there was a set that said damn the color pie and printed, black angels, white counterspells and other such nonsense.
That is what I want you all to do, but with one limitation. All the cards must be dragons.
Now I understand that dragons have previously been printed in all five colors, but that is exactly why I am doing this. Tarkir was and still is my favorite set and I want to see if you all can give me the nostalgia that I oh so desire.

Tl;dr Basically just make a dragon in any color but red. Maximum of 3 entries per person.


1st Place: 5 Favorites, or 3 Favorites and A follow.

2nd Place: 4 Favorites.

3rd Place: 3 Favorites

Honorable Mention: 1 Favorite.

Now go, the dragons await you.



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