Choices, Choices

Welcome one, welcome all! For this challenge, I'm going to ask you to make a card with choices. Here are some examples from WOTC:




Then there are of course the charms, the exarchs, the entwines, the escalates, and so on.


So, the card criteria:

-Contains either the keyword Escalate X (Pay this cost for each mode chosen beyond the first.) or Entwine X (Choose both if you pay the entwine cost.) The cost could also be sacrificing a creature, discarding a card, etc.

-Contains "Choose one" or "Choose two" or any variation.

-Card artists must be cited if you want to be in the top three, Honorable Mentions do not require art citation.

-Be creative. I want something interesting, not just your run of the mill charm.

-No old cards.

-All cards must be submitted by October 31.

-Maximum of 6 entries.


1st Place: 3 favorites of your choice and a follow.

2nd Place: 2 favorites of your choice and a follow.

3rd Place: 2 favorites of your choice.

Honorable Mention: 1 favorite of my choice.

Happy cardsmithing, and good luck!

-Alchemist :)


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