Squirrel Contest 2 (Squirrel Lords and Tribal)

As some of you may remember, back in 2015, I made a squirrel contest, and to date, it was my favorite contest i had ever done. (Also my first contest) There was many jokes, many well made cards and many, many @Corwinnn cards! I would love to bring it back! But of course, there must be a twist. You must make either a squirrel lord (Meaning a squirrel creature that gives a bonus to other squirrels or benefits off of squirrels in someway.) OR a tribal spell for squirrels for example a command for a legendary squirrel or a card kind of like http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=382374

RULES/INFO: You can make as many cards as you please, old cards are allowed, but new ones are always more welcome ;) Must be a squirrel creature that benefits off of or benefits for squirrels, or a non creature card that is squirrel tribal. ALL CARDS ENTERED WILL BE FAVORITED :D

PRIZES: [1st Place will get 10 favorites and the glory of knowing you won XD] [2nd place gets 7 favorites and a pat on the back via message.] [3rd Place will get 5 favorites and a congrats message :D]

EXAMPLE: https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/squirrelcalling OR https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/gazmo-airstrike-commander

DEADLINE: This is not set at the moment but im planning to judge mid February!

BONUS INFO: I would look back at the original contest for some ideas but no copies! Also a fun ability to use would be squirrel link for example http://mythicspoiler.com/ust/cards/earlofsquirrel.html OR the example of my own i made

Here is a link to the first contest if you would like to see some of the cards. http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/992/squirrel-contest/p1

Have fun Everyone!


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