Lost Odyssey (Ongoing)

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Hello my fellow 'Smiths and welcome to the land of Sway. The Sway Empire is a most prominent empire in the world of Hara. Here people live freely, and comfortably within their means. People of all backgrounds and races mingle amongst the many fellowships and towns of Sway. But, it was not always this way; for many centuries ago there was a war to end all wars, the War of the Necromancer, which came from the Dark Revolt...

In this Saga campaign, I am asking for you to make me a Legendary Creature with 3CMC or less to start. Please keep them balanced and reasonable. As we progress through the story line, some of you will perish, as is the such of life. But, some of you may become the champions of the realm. The further you make it into the Sway Empire, the more you will gain in the way of "level progression" and signature spells, or artifacts. You will be pitted with challenges of combating other cards I throw at you, and possibly against one another.

I wish to keep this a fairly fast moving Saga, no waiting a week for an entry, four days between story line/ challenges. When you submit your Character, please no back stories, there is a reason for this that will be revealed as we go along. If you have participated in a few of my past challenges, you will know I have an algorithm that will help me determine if you succeed or fail in the challenges I present to you.

You all have four (4) days to submit what you create, please only one entry per person. edits are allowed until the deadline. I will also give you warning if I feel that your submission falls outside the criteria (OPness).


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