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  • Tonysparks
    Oh man that send off was awesome Tenebris. A day later and I'm still impressed by it. I know Arn was hard to work with so its probably for the best.

    When you make my abysal keeper version, dm me so I can fav it.
    April 23
  • Tonysparks
    I'll submit a list of Arn's abilities here so you don't have to skim my stories to figure them out.

    -(Combat - Melee)

    . Exceptional hunter/ tracker

    . Peak human if not slightly superhuman strength

    . Very agile especially in terrain with structures such as trees

    . Combat threat assessment (determines ranged or melee strategy.)

    .He has a a hunting knife/dagger.

    .Minor regeneration (this takes time, its not something super broken. Plus its necromantic)

    .Pseudo-immortality (keeps him from dying and works in tandem with his minor regeneration. It comes from his souls burning hate and until its resolved he will never be at peace and will always regenerate back, 1hour to fully reconstruct.) 

    . Spirit (while his vessel/body can be destroyed by physical means, his spirit can't)
    .He doesn't feel pain (attached to a his dead body)

    -(Combat - Ranged)
    . Wild shift ( In theory he can shift to other stuff, but he shifts into a bird for evasion and distance in melee combat situations to ranged combat. For more sentient creatures he needs to use his wild magic to gain insight on how they act, requires close range.)

    .Wild magic ( It's wildness is both a weakness and a strength, its also the reason he avoids using it. It can turn objects into other objects and make things bigger or smaller. He almost never and I mean never, uses this in combat.)

    .Traps (He can use surrounding materials, the terrain itself and even lead targets to particular places as a trap) 

    .Observant (Keeps track of his surroundings at all times)

    - (Miscellaneous)

    .Excellent memory (Years of hunting have honed his memory since these meant the difference between survival. It even proved useful in escaping his assassins over the years)

    .Strategist (He isn't Niv-mizzet level but he does have an idea of how to control the battle field from years of being a hunter)

    .Psychopath ( Barely has emotions, has no qualms exploiting people weak or strong, has no qualms about killing anyone regardless of relationship, age, status or gender unless it wount be to his benefit)

    Aura Of Discomfort ( People know something is off about him but they can't put a hand on it, they sense malice, they sense evil, and when he is angry they hesitate to approach him and freeze in fear like a bug in a spider web.


    . Undead (holy magic does quite some damage to him and is more of a hinderance than something like a vampire in sunlight. The effects are lessened though when he is occupying a vessel.)

    .Bloodthirsty (When he is in bloodthirst mode, he is more likely to engage in close combat for better or for worse in which he is less observant, less strategic but significantly faster, stronger and more agile. No one except conscience and that shadow know though.)

    .Underestimator ( Underestimates weaker opponents to a degree but not in a super dramatic way, he still studies their weaknesses.)

    .Sadist (Is less likely to kill targets who aren't afraid until they are afraid or in great pain, unless he is bloodthirsty.

    I just wanted to let you know that Arn isn't some impossible to kill super god, at least not yet. The list may change as the tournament progresses

    April 5
    • WarriorCatInAhat
      arn just seems a wee bit overpowered
    • Tonysparks
      I do agree but he doesn't have a lot of ranged capabilities, so he is only really a threat at close combat.
  • Tonysparks
    Also even if Arn doesn't win the tournament, I would still like him to be some sort of villain in the story, if it is possible without ruining the flow of your story.

    If Arn does win he is still going to be a villain of sorts as well, I just wanted to let my intentions known in advance.

    If I die earlier I would like to still perform the former if that is ok with you. I won't interfere with the combat directly, I will just loom in the background as one final threat.

    Arn's final goal is chaos before he has Oko planeswalks him to either Theros or Innistrad. I still haven't decided.
    April 5