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  • Pepperoni

    When you said you were gonna reward the most interesting art, I tought you were talking about my red card. Lol, but thnaks again.
    August 1
  • EnvyReaper
    Hey murkletins!
    I am continuing jpastor's Mystery Box Challenges, make sure to stop by!
    March 28
  • sorinjace
    Hey murkletins, I'm sorry this took so long for me to finally speak to you, i'm a friend of your brother modnation675. Just so I am clear, and forgive my ignorance, what gender do you claim (or are, etc.) and are you older or younger than modnation? he was a good friend of mine on here, and still is a friend, whether he is on or off the site. just would like to know more about you is all i suppose. well ttyl for now, i'm going to enter the mana rock contest you started and give you a follow if I haven't already, welcome to the forums and mtgcardsmith community/family! -sj :) ps I am wrapping up my Go Fetch! Circuit Challenge contest tomorrow (you still got a day and half to drop cards in it, at this point), theres also Back to School, Creature Feature, and Summer Cartoons Challenge. Check them out sometime!
    August 2018
  • murkletins and Skyrpt joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    August 2018